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Inspiring San Diego retreats

Our San Diego hotel delights have been selected to offer you the best accommodation for every holiday type. Escape to warmer climates and book the perfect stay in this diverse city, from boutique breaks Downtown, to fabulous beachfront resorts of the coastal city.

Stay in the gorgeous Manchester Grand Hyatt. Enjoy cocktails with a view from the 40th floor lounge, or relax in the rooftop pools of this central Downtown hotel. If you’re looking for a hotel with luscious gardens, views of San Diego Bay, delectable dining and San Diego’s best music spot, book a stay at Humphreys Half Moon Inn. Away from the bustling city, Paradise Point has bungalows which open to the stunning beaches of Mission Bay – perfect for water sports and lounging in the sun.

San Diego beach retreats

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Downtown hotel delights

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Mission Valley holiday stays

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What to do on holidays in San Diego

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