Особенный климат, кухня и культура Мексики сделают путешествие незабываемым. Посетите каньоны в пустыне на севере, испанские колониальные городки в центре или наследие майя в джунглях на юге. В самом центре — наполненный жизнью Мехико, одна из крупнейших в мире городских агломераций. Или отправьтесь в Ривьера-Майя, взяв рейс до Канкуна.

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Experience the Aztec spirit in the garden suburb of Xochimilco, where brightly painted boats shunt along its waterways. Near the city, the pre-Columbian pyramids at Teotihuacan still stand. Visit the Mayan archaeological site of Palenque in the Chiapas jungle, or climb the iconic UNESCO-listed Castillo (castle) temple at Chichn Itza, near Cancun.

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Relax and enjoy the views from the Copper Canyon railway, which runs from Chihuahua to the Pacific coast. The pristine Yucatan coast is dotted with beach resorts, but you can seek out cool cenotes – underground pools revered by the Maya and perfect for escaping the heat.

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Mexico City’s central plaza, the Zcalo, is appropriately enormous and home to the 17th-century Metropolitan Cathedral, the remains of the Aztec Great Pyramid and the vast National Palace. Inland Puebla has fine Spanish colonial architecture, as does Guadalajara. Indigenous culture is strong in beautiful San Cristobal de las Casas, set in a Chiapas region mountain valley in the south. The pine-coated Sierra Madre mountain range is a draw for trekkers.