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Flights to Lanzarote

Be amazed by extraordinary beaches and lunar landscapes

Длительность перелета из Лондона

4 ч. 15 мин.

Book your flights to Lanzarote

Spectacular volcanic terrain, black sand beaches, lush palm trees and underground lagoons – it’s easy to see why Lanzarote is one of the most intriguing destinations in the Canary Islands. With its mix of surreal scenery, distinct architecture and delicious wine and seafood, there are countless reasons to make it your next holiday.

Arrive on your island getaway and you’ll understand why Lanzarote is often described as otherworldly. Explore the wine region of La Geria for a unique wine-tasting and see Malvasia wine grapes being grown in moon-like craters. See the spectacular Timanfaya National Park with its Montanas del Fuego (Fire Mountains) and eerie lava landscape, part of the island’s Unesco Biosphere Reserve. From laid-back resorts to wild beaches and excellent hiking, surfing and diving, the island beckons with its many charms and rich culture. Whether you want a tranquil break or an exciting adventure, book your next holiday in Lanzarote with British Airways.

Lanzarote flight FAQs

How long is a flight to Lanzarote?

The flight time from London Heathrow to Lanzarote, Arrecife Airport (ACE) is 4 hours.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Lanzarote?

The cheapest month to fly to Lanzarote is in January. Luckily the sun shines all year in Lanzarote so you’ll still get warm weather in the winter months.

Is Lanzarote cheap to visit?

Lanzarote is very affordable, especially if you go in the low-season. The subtropical climate means that it gets a lot of sunshine all year. Seek out local bars and restaurants and get a more authentic dining experience – and lower prices. November and January tend to be less busy in general.

Is it easy to get around Lanzarote?

Lanzarote Airport (ACE) is located 5km southwest of Arrecife and is served by a variety of transport links. Local bus services connect the airport to Arrecife, where the local transfer time is approximately 10 minutes. Taxis can be arranged from the main arrivals concourse.

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Why visit Lanzarote?

If you’re looking for an endlessly photogenic beach holiday, Lanzarote is the perfect choice. One of the Canary Islands, its subtropical climate means that it’s always warm and sunny so an island getaway is a reality at any time of the year. Lanzarote has a stark natural beauty characterised by its volcanic landscape, enhanced by the artistic contributions of its native artist and architect, Cesar Manrique. Visit La Geria, the island’s wine region where wine grapes are grown in lunar-like craters of earth. Explore Timanfaya National Park, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve where you can immerse yourself in the stunning volcanic formations and otherworldly views of a landscape where hundreds of volcanoes erupted in the 18th century. Lanzarote’s smaller size means you’re never far away from a sunkissed beach.

Why fly British Airways to Lanzarote?

Откройте для себя первоклассный сервис с момента бронирования. Выбирайте тарифы только с ручной кладью или с регистрируемым багажом до 23 кг и бесплатным выбором мест за 24 ч. до вылета. На борту Вас ждут чистые, продезинфицированные сиденья, воздух, отфильтрованный фильтрами HEPA, качественное бортовое питание и теплый, исключительно британский прием.

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Lanzarote Travel Essentials

Время вылета рейса

4 ч. 15 мин.

Часовой пояс

по Гринвичу



Confident young man is watching the flight and sunset through window in airport. He is standing with suitcase.

Визовые требования

If you’re travelling on a British passport you will not need a visa to visit Lanzarote. If you’re from a country outside the EU, you may need to apply for a visa in advance of your trip. You can find out more information, check your visa requirements and apply by visiting the IATA Travel Centre.

Розовый багаж на белом фоне.

Основная информация о багаже

Каждый пассажир эконом-класса (Euro Traveller), купивший билет с включенным багажом, может зарегистрировать одно место багажа весом до 23 кг. Пассажиры бизнес-класса (Club Europe) могут зарегистрировать два места багажа весом 32 кг. Семьи, путешествующие с детьми в любом из этих салонов, также могут зарегистрировать одну складную коляску и одно автокресло.

Бизнес-зал Concorde, Терминал 5 лондонского аэропорта Хитроу.


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