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East meets west in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a strangely captivating place, stuck between worlds. It’s both traditional and ultra-modern, urban and rural, western and eastern – but within these combinations something truly unique has emerged. A frenetic and vibrant city which will have you hooked.

Experience the overwhelming Central, whose teeming streets have colonial flair somewhat overshadowed by the immense skyscrapers that soar into the sky. Visit the chic stores and restaurants of SoHo, before taking in the stunning views of Victoria Harbour’s myriad of lights. Take a Star Line Ferry to Kowloon to enjoy the more traditionally Chinese lifestyle of Tsim Sha Tsui, or the neon-lit frenzy of Mong Kok’s markets. Breathe in the aroma of Hong Kong’s renowned cuisine, from the famous dim sum parlours to the street food stalls selling pork buns and ‘stinky’ tofu. If you want to experience one of the busiest and exciting cities in the world, then book flights to Hong Kong now.

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Hong Kong Island – Central
Hong Kong Island – Central.

The glittering skyscrapers that form HK’s spectacular skyline line the harbour of this thriving commercial district. Home to some of the city’s best and most innovative architecture, this is what visitors expect when coming to Hong Kong. It continues as the hub of business and commerce, and could be described as the city’s heart – historically where the colonial British established their community, yet little of this past remains. Rub shoulders with the local elite in chic bars and expensively tasteful eateries in Lan Kwai Fong.

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