Зачем следует выбирать отдых с BA?

Спланируйте и забронируйте поездку на отдых с British Airways через Интернет или по телефону. Наслаждайтесь следующими выгодными преимуществами:

  • Вместе дешевле: скидки на пакеты «Билеты+отель» и «Билеты+автомобиль»
  • Широкий выбор отелей
  • Круглосуточная телефонная линия поддержки
  • Маленькая предоплата через Интернет
  • На все туры, забронированные на сайте ba.com, распространяется специальная страховка, чтобы Вы провели отдых без забот

Music festival holidays

Music festivals are a big part of modern life, from hip hop and reggae to electronic and indie, there is something for everyone. We can take you all over the world in pursuit of the best festivals.

Although the music festival began as a humble group of musicians in a field, it has blossomed to become a major highlight of the summer months. From the UK and USA to Europe and beyond, thousands flock to the open spaces of the cities, fields and forests transforming them into melting pots of people and ideas. The summer is here and it is time to dust off the tent, pack the wellies and dance until dawn to your favourite bands.

Festival tents.

Великобритания и Ирландия

The music scene in the UK is thriving – a great chance for spotting new talent, or big names at the world-renowned festivals. Good weather is never guaranteed, but that is all part of the fun.

Festival stage.


From punk to pop, European festivals have it all. Remember, some of the best festivals are in the city. So splash out on a hotel and enjoy the music in style.

On stage.

Северная Америка

There are over 800 festivals in the USA alone, so take aim and find a city that suits you best. The diversity on offer is simply staggering.

Английские традиции

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