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Welcome to the Far East & Australia

Browse the list of countries we fly to in the Far East & Australia. Select your chosen city to view our inspirational travel guides.



Experience it all in Australia, from Sydney’s harbour beaches to the vast red deserts of Alice Springs. Galleries highlight the nations history in Canberra, while yachties go sunset sailing in Perth. Inland from the fertile coast, share stories with country Australians in a Broken Hill pub or discover tropical Australia in Darwin.

Australia travel guide

Far East multi-centre holidays

Discover Australia or New Zealand on a Far East multi centre holiday

Singapore – Koh Samui – Bangkok

Immerse yourself in the buzz of multicultural Singapore. Shop at towering supermalls and bustling night markets. Sample aromatic Asian cuisine before hitting a throbbing megaclub or chic cocktail bar. Then slow down and unwind at a luxury beachfront hotel in idyllic Koh Samui. When you’re feeling revitalised, get ready to discover the exotic magic of bewitching Bangkok. Explore the humming city centre by tuk-tuk or wander around magnificently adorned temples. Stretch out on the soft sands of Pattaya then stay for the colourful scene after dark.

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Tea plantation at Cameron highland, Malaysia.

Exploring Malaysia’s many marvels

You don’t need a backpack and an anklet to journey around Malaysia. Less travelled than Thailand, this beautiful country is full of close encounters with the extraordinary. Visit historical cities and sparkling new ones, dine in the streets and dive with whale sharks.

Railay beach.

Take that big Thailand trip

В Таиланд люди часто приезжают сами, безо всяких туров. Это очень популярное направление, и не зря: здесь Вас ждут фантастические храмы, слоновьи заповедники, дикие джунгли и райские острова. А местные жители так доброжелательны и открыты, что Таиланд часто называют страной тысячи улыбок.

Marina Bay At Dusk.

Singapore, a shimmering city

Singapore is our kind of place. The national pastimes involve shopping and eating. The sovereign city state doesn’t just have skyscrapers, it has towers of flowers – the fabled Gardens by the Bay redefine what green space can be. It’s bright, it’s beautiful and it’s waiting for your visit. Here’s how to spend your time there.


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