Местное население Украины — будь то заснеженные горы Карпат или современные курорты Крымской Ривьеры — чтит свои ортодоксальные и славянские корни и гордится ими. Посетите бары и клубы в крупных городах, таких как Киев и Одесса, или насладитесь спокойными прогулками по тихим улочкам, зеленым скверам, глядя на старинные церкви или новые футуристические строения в центре.

Holidays in Ukraine


The River Dnieper separates the Russian-speaking industrial heartland of the East from the cosmopolitan cities of the Europhile West. Here, the ancient city of Lviv still keeps its Austro-Hungarian and Polish heritage. Further south, the rolling grasslands of the steppe give way to the rugged cliffs and old aristocratic resorts of the Crimea Peninsula.

City breaks in Ukraine


If Kiev's Kievo-Pechersky Monastery is the spiritual heart of the country, then bustling Kreshchatik Street is its commercial nucleus. The Potemkin Steps will be recognisable to fans of Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin. While Odessa has its own architectural gems. Lviv's Plosha Rynok marks the centre of its romantic medieval town, while Sevastopol's secret history is a magnet for the curious.

Things to do in Ukraine


Head for the resorts of the Carpathian Mountains, particularly extreme-sports centre Bukovel. Discover the secrets of the pastoral Hutsul people among the Carpathians' tiny mountain villages and craft markets. Visit the fortress city of Kamyanets-Podilsky – one of the earliest settlements of Ancient Rus, or experience Yalta's classical villas and vibrant street life – the perfect summer holiday location.