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Дания состоит из основной части Ютландии и 400 островов. Занимательная история, связанная с рыболовной промышленностью, свежий воздух Скандинавии и стремительно развивающиеся города — это то, на что обратит внимание каждый турист. Посетите столицу Дании — Копенгаген. Здесь Вы увидите королевскую резиденцию — дворец Амалиенборг, а также экспонаты эпохи викингов в Национальном музее.

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Start in Copenhagen, the heart of modern Denmark, with its proud reputation for tolerance and its cosmopolitan air. Take in its contrasting architecture from the 15th-century buildings of the University of Copenhagen to the contemporary Opera House. Explore Denmark's main port town, Aarhus, packed with historic landmarks and art museums. Or head further south to Odense, the birthplace of fairy-tale author Hans Christian Andersen.

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Beach holidays in Denmark

Discover Denmark's 3,000 miles of unspoilt beaches, or go inland to join the cyclists, a popular pastime among the Danes. Escape the city bustle on the wide sandy beaches of Sjælland, head to coastal Kronborg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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You'll notice a strong German influence in the south of Jutland and Scandanavian flair and contemporary living in the north and east – particularly around lborg and Copenhagen. Explore the lush forests of Midtjylland, or go island hopping – Zealand is very flat, so great for cycling, while Bornholm’s magnificent forested area has amazing walking trails.

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The Øresund Bridge is made up ofthree parts: a bridge,an artificial island and a tunnel

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