Рассмотрите обновленный центр холмистой столицы Уганды, города Кампала, или понаблюдайте за горными гориллами в национальном парке Бвинди. Держите наготове бинокли, чтобы не пропустить замаскировавшихся птиц и льва, взбирающегося на дерево. Если Вы увлекаетесь экстремальными видами спорта, тогда Вам обязательно нужно совершить сплав по Нилу.

Flights to Uganda


Fly into Entebbe on Lake Victoria, stroll the peaceful forested Entebbe Botanical Gardens, famed for their birdlife and monkeys. Stay in five-star hotels in modernised capital Kampala and visit Kampala's mosques and the bustling Indian Quarter. Enjoy the charming colonial houses of quiet Jinja at the source of the River Nile and call into the Nile Breweries where Uganda's favourite beers are made.

Holidays in Uganda


Defined by its famous red earth, lush green hills and the dominating Lake Victoria. Put one foot either side of the Equator on the Kampala-Masaka highway, or kayak down the mighty River Nile near Jinja. See primates in the national parks of western Uganda, or remote mountainous tribal areas in the east. Visit its capital Kampala for mashed matoke plantain with tilapia fish.

Things to do in Uganda


If you've never seen a tree-climbing lion before, head to the south-eastern Ishasha Plains during rainy season. Or hear the hooting of chimpanzees in Kibale. Try white-water rafting down the River Nile, from Bujagali Falls to Itanda. Then island-hop around the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria to discover remote lush forests or go trekking around the steep crater lakes of Kasenda.