Посетите национальные парки Нигерии, богатые дикими животными: от приматов и слонов до гепардов и леопардов. Окунитесь в атмосферу шума и развлечений прибрежного курорта бывшего западно-африканского королевства Бенин-Сити и послушайте суету Лагоса. Столица Нигерии, Абудже, удивит Вас своими улицами с роскошными новыми зданиями и музеями.

Cities we fly to in Nigeria

Holidays in Nigeria


Nigeria is Africa’s most highly populated country, producing oil and some of the most infectious music you’ll hear in West Africa. Dive into the shops and big-city action of the former capital, Lagos. Explore the past in Benin City on the Niger Delta. Visit Abuja’s resort town of Jos, nearby on the Jos Plateau. Discover Nigeria's northern deserts, marking the southern extent of the Sahara.

City breaks in Nigeria


Join the shoppers converging on the former capital, Lagos, or travel to the purpose-built capital, Abuja. North of Lagos, visit Ibadans famous market and Institute of African Studies museum. Surrounded by moats on the Niger Delta, you’ll find Benin City a fascinating mix of old and new. In the north, explore Kanos walled old town decorated with colonial buildings.

Things to do in Nigeria


Splash in rivers, explore caves and spot elephants, hippos and baboons in Nigeria’s best wildlife park at Yankari. Head for Nigeria’s most scenic park, Gashaka Gumit – protecting chimps, cheetahs, leopards and monkeys. Spot rich birdlife, buffaloes and baboons in Old Oyo National Park. To see gorillas, leopards and elephants living in protected rainforest, make for Cross River National Park.