Известная своими залежами нефти и алмазов, Ангола располагается на Атлантическом побережье Западной Африки. Большинство посетителей приезжают в командировки, но тем не менее находят время познакомиться со столицей Луандой — с ее колоритными уличными торговцами и вездесущими такси-минивэнами, из которых грохочет музыка в стиле кудуру. Посмотрите на жирафов, слонов и зебр во время сафари в национальном парке Киссама или порадуйтесь солнцу на песке пляжа бухты города Лобиту.

Holidays in Angola


Pastel-pink colonial architecture, vivid blue and white decorative tiles, anarchic driving and of course the language are all evidence of 500 years of Portuguese influence. The scars of the 30-year armed struggle for independence from Portugal and the subsequent civil war are visible in most towns but the troubles ended in 2002 and huge efforts are being made to rebuild the country.

City breaks in Angola


Make the most of Luanda's former Portuguese influence in its restaurants and bars. In the port of Benguela, stroll along crimson acacia-lined streets and admire colonial architecture. In Namibe haggle with fishermen over their freshly-landed catch or enjoy mountain air in Lubango while visiting the huge white marble statue of Christ overlooking the city.

Things to do in Angola


Small towns and coffee plantations pepper the rolling countryside of the central highlands (Planalto) which cover much of the country and includes Mount Moco, Angola's highest mountain at 2636 metres high. To the south the Namibe desert excites with its wild Atlantic coastline, ancient rock carvings of animals at Tchitundo-Hulo and fossilised dinosaurs.