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Романтические путешествия

Moments to last a lifetime

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Some experiences are better when they're shared: a bottle of bubbly, a golden sunset, a table for two in an exciting new city. Book the romantic holiday of a lifetime and take on the world together.

Choose from a list of outstanding hotels, luxury holidays and boutique accommodation from Mr & Mrs Smith for an idyllic backdrop to a blooming romance. On our adults-only holidays, enjoy beach dinners as the sun sets, secluded starlit walks and intimate spa breaks, or spoil yourselves with once in a lifetime experiences, from wine-tasting in Dubrovnik to beach holidays in the Caribbean.

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Romantic European Holidays

Tenerife flights + 7 nights hotel

Откуда£329 с человека

от Лондон, май 2023 г.

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Santorini flights + 7 nights hotel

Откуда£399 с человека

от Лондон, октябрь 2023 г.

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Venice flights + 7 nights hotel

Откуда£749 с человека

от Лондон, cент. 2023 г.

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Worldwide Romantic Holidays

Рейсы в Дубай + 3 сут. в отеле

Откуда£708 с человека

от Лондон, май 2023 г.

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Перелет в Барбадос + 7 суток в отеле

Откуда£1322 с человека

от Лондон, ноябрь 2023 г.

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Mauritius flights + 7 nights hotel

Откуда£1341 с человека

от Лондон, июнь 2023 г.

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Перелет в Антигуа + 6 дней проживания в отеле.

Откуда£1353 с человека

от Лондон, cент. 2023 г.

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Романтический отдых

Romantic holidays for every traveller

We've enlisted the help of the award-winning boutique hotel specialists at Mr & Mrs Smith to give you the chance to stay in the most stylish and individual hotels around the world.  Our romantic hotels have been chosen with you in mind – our careful selection of luxury and Mr & Mrs Smith hotels provide the ideal setting for adult-centered breaks.


Explore our Luxury holidays for the perfect Romantic Getaway.


Explore our All Inclusive holidays for the perfect Romantic Getaway.

Whisk your loved one away

Celebrate in your dream destination and let romance flourish

Wander through crowds and get lost in the mazes of street alleyways in big cityscapes or feel like castaways on remote beaches with a coconut in hand. Choose from our range of beautiful luxury holidays, with quirky boutique hotels to beachside villas, simply unwind in your perfect paradise. Journey to Europe for a stay in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Hire a tandem bike and cycle around the sights, or picnic with strawberries and Champagne in city parks, there is plenty to make the most romantic memories.

Lose yourself to the romantic side of breaks away together

With romantic getaways to get your heart racing, enjoy a couple’s retreat in a dreamy destination for a lifetime of magical memories. Choose the serenity of a Caribbean island, as you stroll along white sandy beaches side by side. Or explore city’s made for lovers in the charming ambience of Europe and relish each other’s company. Whether your romantic trip is to get away from it all, celebrate a special occasion or surprise your better half, indulge yourselves with a choice of adults only stays. Gaze at views to take your breath away and capture picture-perfect moments to last you a lifetime.

Where to go for a romantic holiday


Ваша любовь заиграет новыми красками во время романтического путешествия по пленительной и завораживающей Европе. Вас ждут удивительные открытия среди исторических чудес под мерцающими огнями.


From the doors of your romantic hotel the wonders of the UK line up to surprise and delight. Spoil your loved one in the glamorous department stores and arrange a candlelit meal to remember.

Южная Америка и Карибский бассейн

It’s easy to find a quiet spot around the tranquil pools or along the sandy shores, making the Caribbean an oasis for relaxation and romantic holidays.


Privacy is the hallmark of a romantic holiday in Africa. Enjoy the blissful, serene and understated atmosphere, where you can create your own private holiday hideaway.

Ближний Восток

Reside in regal splendour on a romantic holiday in the Middle East. You’ll be treated to the most ostentatious resorts, where 24-hour service is at your beck and call and world-class shopping vies for your attention.

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Make the most of a trip to Icelandwith a luxurious soak in the famousSecret Lagoon geothermal pools

Amanda Morison,  Travel editor

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