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Like other airlines around the world, we continue to carry out detailed precautionary inspections on Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines on some of our Boeing 787 aircraft to ensure we meet all the relevant regulatory safety requirements.

To facilitate the additional engine inspections and any associated maintenance we have had to make some minor adjustments to our long haul flight schedules this summer.

To ensure we operate as many flights for customers as possible we have leased in additional long haul aircraft from Air Belgium, Evelop and Titan Airways.

Changing your flights

If your long haul flight this summer is due to be operated by Air Belgium, Evelop or Titan Airways on behalf of British Airways we recognise that you may not wish to travel as a result. If you wish to discuss the range of options available please Contacte-nos or your travel agent if you made your booking through them.

Continuing with your flights

If you wish to fly on the Air Belgium, Evelop or Titan Airways aircraft on the date and time you had originally planned please be aware that there may be some differences in the style and types of services on offer.

In particular Air Belgium offers two long haul cabins (business class and economy class) rather than the four long haul cabins offered by British Airways.

Evelop offers two long haul cabins (business class and economy class) rather than the three long haul cabins offered by British Airways.

The Titan Airways Premium Economy cabin offers a 45 inch seat pitch and the Economy cabin has a seat pitch of 29 inches.

If you have been moved from your original cabin then you have a number of options available to you. Please contact us or your travel agent to discuss these further.

Diferenças na sua viagem

Há várias mudanças importantes na sua viagem e estão apresentadas abaixo.

Produto e serviços Informações de cliente

Reserva de assentos

Customers who already have seats allocated will automatically be allocated a similar seat. Customers who have paid for their seat and find that their newly allocated seat is no longer suitable, will be entitled to a refund of their paid seating and will be able to choose an alternative paid for seat or a free seat at check-in.
Cadeiras de bebé Os assentos para crianças utilizados em carros são aceites nestes voos para crianças com idades entre os 6 e 36 meses, quando acompanhadas por um adulto. O assento de carro deverá ter uma estrutura sólida na parte de trás com correias de retenção para segurar a criança firmemente.
Sistema de retenção para crianças You may use your own ‘CARES’ child restraint belt on board these flights in conjunction with an aircraft seat. The child must be aged over 1 year and weigh between 10-20 kg (22-44 lbs) and is only suitable for Economy class seat without airbag seatbelts.
Assento de criança/berço a bordo On-board carrycots will be provided and are subject to availability on board the aircraft on the day. They will be given to customers sitting in the carrycot positions on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note child seats will not be available.
Limite de bagagem O acesso ao lounge depende da sua reserva inicial e da elegibilidade do cliente.
Excesso de bagagem pré-pago If there has been a change to your booking your prepaid excess baggage will be cancelled and refunded. You will need to repurchase any excess baggage in advance of travelling.
Armas de fogo transportadas na bagagem de porão The carriage of firearms carried in the hold is not available on these flights.
Acesso a lounges O acesso ao lounge depende da sua reserva inicial e da elegibilidade do cliente.
Assistência adicional If you have requested assistance for these flights this remains unchanged with the exception of on-board therapeutic oxygen. The provision of on-board therapeutic oxygen is not available on these flights. Customers may bring their own therapeutic oxygen provisions providing they meet certain requirements and have obtained medical clearance in advance. Further details can be found on our medical conditions page.
Refeições especiais As refeições especiais estão disponíveis nestes voos. Pedidos de refeições especiais serão mantidos, mas o estilo de refeição terá algumas diferenças para alguns clientes.
Refeições pré-encomendadas Pre-ordered meals are available on these flights.
Purchased meals Pre-purchased meals are available on these flights.
Wi-Fi a bordo O serviço de Wi-Fi a bordo não está disponível nestes voos.
High Life Shop Duty free/tax free shopping (including our pre-order service) will not be available on these flights.
Avios e Tier Points Os Avios e os pontos serão creditados na sua conta do Executive Club, de acordo com a sua reserva incial.


Thank you for your support and understanding as we try to minimise the levels of disruption for customers which has arisen as a result of the issues with a number of Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines.