O Havai é abençoado com lindas praias, beleza natural e uma cultura diversificada. O seu clima quente ao longo de todo o ano torna as férias no Havai na escapadela soalheira perfeita. Este destino idílico consiste de seis ilhas vulcânicas, cada uma com uma personalidade própria. Desde as maravilhas naturais de Kauai à sensação metropolitana de Oahu e aos luxuosos resorts de Maui.



Relaxing holidays in Hawaii start in Oahu, with its 130 stunning beaches. The calm waters of Hanauma Bay are perfect for snorkelling, while the rolling waves of the north shore are popular with surfers. The south coast has lots to offer, you’ll love the excitement of Sandy beach and the laid back atmosphere of Ala Moana Beach Park.



Go to Oahu to sample exquisite cuisine, try crab cake appetizers in Honolulu and dine the local way at a lunch wagon in Waikiki. Then dance the night away in one of the nightclubs, or head to a jazz club and enjoy the live music. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Maui, which is home to a host of luxury resorts, world-class spas and golf courses.



Start active holidays in Oahu. Famous for its powerful waves and surf competitions. Watch the surfers ‘wipe out’ at Waimea Bay or learn to surf at Waikiki Beach. Head to Kauai and kayak along the Wailua River, sail the rugged Napali coast and explore the beautiful outdoors by foot or on horseback. Go to Maui and swim in the tranquil pools of Oheo, which are fed by waterfalls.