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Discover The Maldives

The most beautiful islands in the world

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Discover the Maldives

Believe everything you hear. The Maldives really might be heaven on earth. Each iridescent island, each crown of coral, each limpid lagoon falls on the eyes like a blessing. It’s no wonder a holiday here can provide a lifetime of memories.

This island nation is made up of 26 atolls. These broken rings of rock are all you can see above the water of sunken volcanoes, and between them, they make up over 1,000 islands. The Maldives are the lowest country in the world – a grand 1.5m above sea level – and the beautiful ocean is as much as part of these islands as the land. Forget roads, your transport is now a seaplane or a speedboat.

During your Maldives holiday, don't forget to visit the island of Malé, which serves as the tiny capital – a miniature, dense pocket full of street food and handicrafts. Most travellers don’t make it here, too happily absorbed in the splendour of their island resort. And what splendour: most hotels in the Maldives are set on their very own island, complete with empty beaches, overwater villas and sunset spots for spying dolphin pods.

In between the islands, manta rays, whale sharks and hammerheads own the waters. Your best chance to see these denizens of the deep is with an organised snorkel or dive. Whale sharks hang around the Maldives all year, and you can spot hammerhead sharks at the aptly-named Hammerhead Point. On land, you’ll share your quiet paradise of sprawling banyan trees with hummingbirds and lizards. Come nightfall, a few bats might black out the sky at night, but otherwise all is still.

Discover earthly pleasures and otherworldly beauty. With our year-round flights to the Maldives, paradise is closer than ever.

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If you don’t want to sign up for a PADI course, you can complete shorter scuba diving lessons that will allow you to safely explore the water within hours.

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