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With its golden domed churches, brightly painted palaces and steep 19th century streets, Kiev’s beauty can come as a surprise to first time visitors. Despite wartime damage and a grandiose Stalinist rebuilding programme in the 1950s, Ukraine’s attractive capital still has some of Europe’s best religious architecture.

Kiev is also a pleasant place to wander around, whether among the stalls of the central art nouveau Bessarabsky Market or through the old courtyards and restaurants of the riverside neighbourhood of Podil. Visiting the hillside cloisters and grottoes of the Monastery of the Caves or the medieval mosaics of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. Beyond the historic centre, Kiev’s high-rise suburbs can be somewhat faceless, but even here there are things to enjoy, in particular Hidropark, a naturally sand-fringed island in the River Dnieper that turns into a city beach resort during the summer.

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