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Delhi continues to enchant and seduce you with its distinctive character. A split-personality city that effortlessly encompasses the ancient and the innovative. Immerse yourself in the endless contrasts - as designer bars share the streets with rickshaws and elephants.

Two different worlds collide in the Indian capital. Where else could you be admiring impressive monuments and exploring elaborate temples one day and soaking up the frenzied atmosphere of Old Delhi’s backstreets the next. A destination that has to be explored and embraced wholeheartedly. Overload your senses around Khari Baoli Street for a chaotic, yet authentic experience – as a never-ending flow of people, donkey carts and scooters fill the alleyways. Embrace the city’s cutting-edge scene around the restaurants, boutiques and galleries of downtown. Or head further afield to the remarkable Taj Mahal Palace and Agra Fort. Expect the unexpected as you discover what lies beyond the raw exterior.

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