Termos e Condições

  1. Customers must be a member of Capital on Taps Rewards Scheme and a member of the British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) in order to convert their Capital on Tap points into Avios.
  2. Where the Customer is a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership, they must designate an employee of the Customer who is a member of the BAEC as the person who will receive any Avios points converted from Capital On Tap points (the “Designated Person”). In these circumstances, the Customer agrees that the Designated Person has given their consent to being nominated as such.
  3. To convert their points into Avios Customers must go to account login and select Avios as their points conversion preference.
  4. Customers must provide their (or the Designated Person’s) membership number at the time of exchange.
  5. Every 1 Capital on Tap point can be converted to 1 Avios. A minimum of 50 Capital on Tap points are required to make a conversion into Avios.
  6. Customers (or Designated Persons) cannot convert Avios back into Capital on Tap Points once their BAEC account has been credited.
  7. Avios will be credited to the customers’ (or Designated Person’s) BAEC account within 24 hours.
  8. For missing Avios, please contact avios@capitalontap.com.
  9. Standard terms Capital on Tap Terms and Conditions apply.
  10. Avios are issued and redeemed in accordance with Avios Terms and Conditions, for further details please visit Terms and Conditions.
  11. British Airways reserve the right to remove any Avios points and close any account that we believe has dishonestly obtained or redeemed Avios.
  12. Capital on Tap makes no representations as to any income, use, excise or other tax liability of Customers or Designated Persons as a result of participation in the Capital on Tap Rewards Scheme or BAEC. Such a tax liability may arise, for example, if a Designated Person obtains Avios and/or Capital on Tap Rewards as a result of business expenditure. Customers and Designated Persons should check with an accountant or tax adviser for further information.