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Seat selection

Choose your seat for free when flying with us.

About seat selection

When booking JAL international flight, you may select your preferred seat on the seat map.

Request to passengers assigned to an emergency exit row seat.
In accordance with a directive issued by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, from April 1, 2009, for the safety of all passengers, emergency exit seats will be limited to passengers that satisfy all the conditions below.

  1. Above the age of 15 (passengers under 15 years old are not permitted to select emergency exit row seats)
  2. Do not require the assistance of an escort or staff
  3. Be capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation, such as opening or closing an aircraft door
  4. Can understand evacuation procedures and crew's instructions, and verbally convey such information to other passengers
  5. Do not have to assist an accompanying passenger in an emergency evacuation*
  6. Consent to providing assistance in an emergency evacuation

Passengers who do not satisfy conditions 1 through 6 above will be requested to change to another seats. To ensure quick evacuation of the aircraft, passengers seated in emergency exit rows will be asked to assist during an emergency evacuation by following the instructions of the cabin crew.
Carry-on baggage must not be placed at your feet or on your lap during takeoff or landing. Appreciate your cooperation.

*Small children (domestic flights: under 8 years old; international flight: under 12 years old) and their companion are not eligible to use emergency exit row seats.
For more information, please check here.

Who can select a seat?

Seat selection is available to passengers traveling on JAL First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class ot Economy Class with normal or discount fares for individual passengers. Seat selection is also available to passengers using award tickets.

  • * Seat selection is not available in the following situations.
  • When all seats available for advance seat selection have already been assigned (limited availability)
  • Codeshare flights operated by other airlines (However, seat selection service is available for partial codeshare flights. System will display the seats which is available automatically.)
  • Deutsche Bahn Rail segments
  • Some fares sold outside Japan
  • Paid seats of other airlines

Important notices

  • All JAL flights are no-smoking.
  • Your pre-selected seat may be no longer available if you arrive after the check-in close time of your flight.
  • The number of pre-selectable seats are subject to availability.
  • Pre-selected seat numbers are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice, in case of aircraft configuration change or any other reason beyond our control.
  • As baby bassinet seat will be assigned with priority for a passenger who accompanies a baby, for passengers not accompanying a baby we may ask you for a seat change even if you have selected a baby bassinet seat.
  • Seating configurations may different from the actual aircraft for the flights operated by other airlines include codeshare flights.
    For the details, please check with operating carrier. 
  • Some seats are not available for children traveling alone, passengers with infants, expectant mothers or passengers who use wheelchairs due to safety precautions. For more details, please inquire when making reservations.
  • Starting from 3 days prior to departure, if there is any change of the pre-selected seat number, the new seat number may not be reflected on JAL website.
    * You may check the new seat number on the e-mail from JAL with the title of "Notice of Booking Contents Change.
  • For codeshare flight operated by other airlines, if there is any change of the pre-selected seat number, the new seat number may not be reflected on JAL website.

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