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Dangerous goods

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The classification dangerous goods applies to all goods and substances that may pose a danger to a person’s health or safety, property or the environment. The air transport of dangerous goods is strictly regulated worldwide and dangerous goods regulations apply on all Finnair flights – if your trip includes flights operated by other airlines, please see their baggage regulations.

Find out what items you are permitted to bring on board a flight

The information on the web service applies to passengers departing from an airport within the European Union. The information is based on European Union legislation and International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) instructions. However, the security regulations within the European Union countries may vary. It is a passenger’s responsibility to be aware that origination and destination cities and countries may have local laws prohibiting the carriage of certain items. Despite of the information provided through the web service, the security staff may remove any item that is not forbidden but which they find suspicious.

Further information on security is available on Finavia’s and TraFi’s (Finnish Transport Safety Agency) website. For information concerning the aviation-security laws and regulations of countries other than Finland, please contact the respective aviation authorities.

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