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We know how important it is to stay connected. That’s why we operate regular daily flights between Los Angeles and London. Transatlantic travellers can enjoy all the flexibility and freedom they need to plan their perfect trip, and the west coast of California is always within easy reach with British Airways.

When you book flights with British Airways, you can be sure you’ll be taken care of from the moment you step onto the plane to the moment you arrive in LA. But your British Airways experience doesn’t have to stop at the luggage carousel. You can add hotels and transfers to your booking to create the perfect holiday. Is LA just the beginning? Plenty of people fly to LA and use it as a gateway to the rest of California. Book car hire with us and use our multi-centre trip planner to plan your perfect trip – whether you go from LA to San Francisco, San Diego or Sacramento.


Book a British Airways flight and get the Los Angeles lifestyle, fast. We have up to five flights a day, every day of the week, from Terminal 5 at London Heathrow (LHR) to Los Angeles International (LAX). The flight takes just over 11 hours; soon enough you’ll be cruising the boulevards of sunny LA. Travel in First, Business, Economy Plus or Economy – wherever you’re sitting, sit back and relax: your entertainment, meals and drinks are all on us.



A flyer’s guide: Los Angeles flight tips

Everything you need to know about flying to LA with British Airways

What’s the cheapest time to fly to Los Angeles?

Thanks to its year-round mild climate, LA makes for a popular destination with millions of visitors at all times. However, the months of June, July and August are particularly busy times for LA tourism, so fares can be higher during that period. To find our cheapest flights to Los Angeles, use our lowest fare finder.

How long is the flight time from London to Los Angeles?

You can touch down in just over 11 hours. British Airways operates up to five direct flights to LA a day: fly from London Heathrow to Los Angeles International (LAX).

Santa Monica Beach. © Massimocolombo Colombo / Eye

Where is LAX and what is the best way to get into Los Angeles?

Los Angeles International Airport is situated in the west of the LA area. When you land at Los Angeles International, there are plenty of options for getting into the city and to your hotel. LA City Cab offers flat fares from LAX to Downtown for $46.50 (excluding tolls, surcharges and tips) – this usually takes 60 minutes, but depends heavily on the traffic. Alternatively, hop on the no-reservation FlyAway shuttle bus which takes you from the airport to various locations including Hollywood and Long Beach, from just $8. Or, if you are planning on staying for a while your best bet is to hire a car. Did you know you can pre-book your shuttle or private airport transfer with us? Just add it to your flight or holiday booking.

For more tips and advice on travelling in and around LA, check out our travel guide

Do I need a visa to travel to Los Angeles?

If you’re travelling on a British passport, there’s no need to get a visa in advance – but you do need to apply for an ESTA  at least 72 hours before you travel. There is a $14 fee for registration and, once approved, your ESTA is valid for multiple journeys for two years or until your passport expires.

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Downtown Los Angeles. © sheeler.

Which cabins can I book when I fly to Los Angeles?

ワールド・トラベラー(World Traveller)ワールド・トラベラー(World Traveller)
クラブ・ワールド(Club World)クラブ・ワールド(Club World)

Which cabins can I book when I fly to Los Angeles?

弊社のエコノミー(ワールド・トラベラー(World Traveller))キャビンは、ロサンゼルス行きの安価なフライトをお探しの方に素晴らしい価値をお届けします。事前に有料でお座席をご指定いただけます。飛行機の前方になるほど静かで、翼のちょうど上にお座りになると揺れの強度を抑えることができます。機内持ち込み手荷物のみのフライトをお選びになるか、23kgの預け入れ荷物許容量とフライト24時間前からの無料座席指定を含んだ料金をご選択ください。

プレミアムエコノミー(ワールド・トラベラー・プラス(World Traveller Plus))は足下の広い空間と、こぢんまりとしたプライベート感のあるキャビンをご提供します。

弊社のビジネスクラス(クラブ・ワールド(Club World))とファースト(First)キャビンには完璧な快適さのために水平フラットベッドを完備しています。


Travelling can be very tiring, but there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you arrive feeling as well as possible.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself fully hydrated throughout the flight and beforehand. Limiting your alcohol and caffeine intake during the flight and before it will aid this, and could also help you sleep.
  • You can beat jet lag by adjusting to your new time zone as soon as you board the plane to LA time. Use our jet lag calculator to find out more.
  • Move around regularly during the flight and do some simple stretching exercises to keep blood flowing. The slowing of blood circulation is one of the most common side-effects of jet lag.

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Where to stay in LA

Just landed and looking for a place to lay your head? Bypass the city and head straight to the beach. Loews Santa Monica Beach is just 30 minutes from LAX and a ten-minute walk from Santa Monica Pier.

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Things to do in LA

While you’re in Los Angeles, why not take your cue from the locals and treat yourself to some healthy living: get down to Venice Beach and Santa Monica’s iconic Muscle Gym; check out the many health food restaurants; and visit the new breed of vegan cafés and juice bars dotted all over the city.

Things to do in LA

What to eat in LA

Los Angeles has a great foodie scene, but instead of being table-bound, sometimes all you want is food on the go, standing in the glorious LA sunshine. Eve Barlow has tracked down the best food trucks in the city – from ethically sourced fried chicken wraps, the best bagels in town and tacos worth travelling for.

LA’s best food trucks

Los Angeles tips

Our Los Angeles hints and tips will have you feeling like a local in no time


Tipping is customary in the USA. Bar tenders, hotel staff and doormen usually expect $1-$2, while an additional 15-20 per cent should be added to restaurant bills and cab rides.


Uber and Lyft operate in the LA area, as do traditional cab companies – or you could hire a car. Public transport is getting more popular in LA: there are trains and buses, and a useful Metro subway.


There are several great free LA attractions: Santa Monica pier, the Getty Center, and the Griffith Observatory with its great views of the cosmos – and the city.

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Aerial view of the shoreline in Venice Beach, CA.

To be up to your waist in thePacific, just a couple of hours after landing, is a beautiful thing

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