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Flights to Seychelles

Arrive in a faraway paradise

Tempo di volo da Londra

10 ore 15 min

Distanza da Londra

5.065 miglia

Let the excitement of your holiday begin before you get there, by booking flights to Seychelles with British Airways. Whether you’re embarking on a luxurious trip of a lifetime or an island-hopping adventure, you can expect an enjoyable journey with our wonderful British Airways cabin crew. We want you to have that holiday feeling from the moment you step aboard.

Take that dream Seychelles holiday. Soak up every blissful moment on your journey to this mesmerising tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy outstanding service and heavenly comfort on your flight, as well as complimentary food and drinks. Make the most of your generous baggage allowance – you’ll have plenty of space for those extra outfits and bottles of sun cream.

Voli per le Seychelles

You can fly direct from London to the Seychelles with British Airways.

Flights to Seychelles are twice a week and take around 10 hours. Making your way to ‘the land of perpetual summer’ has never been easier.

Fly direct from London Heathrow (LHR) to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ). Choose the cabin to suit you, for comfort, style, or luxury, when you travel in First, business (Club World), premium economy (World Traveller Plus) or economy (World Traveller).

See our Seychelles timetable here

Prenota adesso e paghi in seguito con un piccolo deposito

Prenotate la vostra vacanza con un piccolo anticipo e rate flessibili – potete decidere voi quando effettuare i pagamenti e l'importo da versare.

Quali cabine posso prenotare quando volo con British Airways?

World TravellerWorld Traveller
World Traveller PlusWorld Traveller Plus
Club WorldClub World

Quali cabine posso prenotare quando volo con British Airways?

Le nostre cabine economy (World Traveller) sono una soluzione molto conveniente per chi è in cerca di voli economici. Pagando un supplemento, puoi selezionare in anticipo i posti: le poltrone più tranquille sono verso la parte anteriore dell'aereo, mentre i posti sulle ali ti permettono di avvertire meno gli effetti delle turbolenze. Scegli un volo con tariffa solo bagaglio a mano oppure una tariffa che includa 23 kg di franchigia bagaglio registrato e la possibilità di selezionare gratuitamente i posti 24 ore prima della partenza.

La classe Premium economy (World Traveller Plus) offre più spazio per le gambe e una cabina più piccola e più intima. Goditi il comfort di comodi cuscini, coperte, mascherine per gli occhi, spazzolino e dentifricio. Inoltre le cuffie riduzione-rumore sono fornite per rendere ancora più confortevole i viaggi a lungo raggio.

La nostra cabina business (Club World) ha letti completamente orizzontali per un comfort totale, un menù realizzato dai migliori chef e Fast Track prioritario in aeroporto, per rendere il tuo viaggio ancora più piacevole sin dall'inizio.

Le cabine First sono la quintessenza del lusso, da letti completamente orizzontali in suite private ad accesso esclusivo alla lounge e alla spa a terra – goditi il massimo dell'esclusività.

Maggiori informazioni sulle nostre classi di viaggio

A flyers’ guide: Seychelles flight tips

Everything you need to know about flying to Seychelles with British Airways.

What’s the cheapest time to fly to Seychelles?

With the average temperature at 27°C, these exotic islands are a welcoming year-round destination. The cheapest time to visit the Seychelles is during the shoulder months of April and May and October and November – like all tropical places, rain is inevitable – but that doesn’t make Seychelles holidays any less enchanting. You can be assured of short, sharp rain bursts, where the sun shines the rest of the time. The driest weather is between June and September, when the waters are warm and crystal clear – perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving, but prices rise accordingly. To find our cheapest flights to Seychelles, use our lowest fare finder.

How long is the flight from London to Seychelles?

Around 10 hours. You’ll fly from London Heathrow (LHR) to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ). British Airways provides the only direct flights to Seychelles from London to the island of Mahé. Choose from two departures a week, with night flights on Wednesday and Saturday.

How do I get from Seychelles airport to my resort?

Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) is on the mountainous island of Mahé. You can travel to the capital of Victoria by bus, taxi or car, which is just seven miles away from the airport. If your onward journey is to another of the Seychelles islands, you will need to make your transfer by ferry, speedboat, or plane, depending on which island your resort is on. There is also a free shuttle operating from the airport to the harbour, for those travelling by boat.

Read more on getting around the Seychelles

Do I need a visa to travel to the Seychelles?

If you have a British passport then you won’t need a visa for your holiday. You will receive a visitor’s permit upon arrival, which is valid for a month. Remember to check your passport is in date for your period of travel.

Quanti bagagli posso imbarcare?

We offer a generous baggage allowance. Choose to fly with hand baggage only or pick a price that includes a 23kg checked baggage allowance and free seat selection 24 hours before you fly. Premium economy class customers can check in two 23kg bags. If you’re travelling in business class you can check in two bags at 32kg each. Travel in First and indulge with the option of three hold bags weighing in at 32kg each.

Read our baggage guide to answer your specific queries.

Three long-haul flight tips for Seychelles

Viaggiare può essere faticoso, ma puoi arrivare riposato e pronto per iniziare la tua vacanza se segui alcuni semplici passaggi:

  1. It’s important to stay hydrated during a flight, so drink plenty of soft drinks and water to help your body feel good. Moisturise and use lip balm, take extra layers and wear comfortable clothing. Don’t forget to walk around to keep your blood flowing – as this can also reduce the effects of jet lag.
  2. Get ahead of jet lag by living on your new time zone as soon as you can. The Seychelles are just south of the equator and four hours ahead of GMT. Use our jet lag calculator for advice from our sleep expert.
  3. Remember to look after your ears. Chew on gum or sweets when you take off and land, so you don’t suffer with the pressure change. Yawning, as well as exhaling through your nostrils while keeping them gently pinched, will help your ears to adjust comfortably.

Seychelles tips

Our insider Seychelles tips will have you feeling holiday ready in no time

Quando dare la mancia

Tipping isn’t compulsory here. Many of the restaurants, hotels, bars and taxis already include a 5-10 per cent tip to the bill, so extra tipping isn’t obligatory. If you have experienced an excellent service, an additional tip would be warmly welcomed.

Cose gratuite da fare

Soak up the free natural wonders of the Seychelles. Kick back on some of the best beaches in the world. Anse Volbert beach offers pristine waters, powder-soft sand and euphoric views. Take in the exotic landscape, go hiking through jungles and trek across mountains.

Weather in the Seychelles

The Seychelles weather offers dazzling sunshine throughout the year. Reaching highs of 32°C plus and lows of 24°C, you’ll be in your flip flops every day. Although rainfall is higher from November to February, like other tropical destinations, showers are short, sweet and refreshing.

Adventure holidays in the Seychelles

Some of the best scuba divingon the planet can be found in thewarm waters of the Indian Ocean

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