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Flights to Nashville

Land in Nashville ready to strut your stuff

Tempo di volo da Londra

9 hrs

Distanza da Londra

4.180 miglia

For a musical break in the southern states, start by booking flights to Nashville with British Airways. Whether you’re there to walk the line to the Johnny Cash museum, or spotting the next Johnny Cash at the Bluebird Café, you’ll arrive in one of the friendliest cities in the US with a spring in your step.

Are you revving up for a Deep South road trip, dreaming of stardom or looking for a quick city break in Nashville? You can’t beat old-fashioned Southern Hospitality, but on our aircraft, our friendly British Airways cabin crew will try. We deliver award-winning service, including complimentary food, drinks, and newspapers. Our generous baggage allowance makes a longer stay easy. We want your journey to be as relaxing as possible, so you can save your energy for dancing down Broadway.

Voli per Nashville

You can fly direct from London to Nashville with British Airways. Flights to Nashville are five times a week and take around nine hours. Getting away to the ‘Music City’ is as simple as can be.

You’ll fly straight from London Heathrow (LHR) to Nashville International Airport (BNA). Travel is convenient, comfortable and easy, whether you travel in business, premium economy or economy class. And whatever your budget or timeframe, you can find a trip that suits you. Read our guide to free things to do in Nashville or our 48-hour guide to the city and start planning your adventure.

Prenota adesso e paghi in seguito con un piccolo deposito

Prenotate la vostra vacanza con un piccolo anticipo e rate flessibili – potete decidere voi quando effettuare i pagamenti e l'importo da versare.

A flyers’ guide: Nashville flight tips

Everything you need to know about flying to Nashville with British Airways.

What’s the cheapest time to fly to Nashville?

The music never stops playing in Nashville, and you’ll find a welcoming city year-round. Most people visit in the summer months, from May to October, and you may find that fares are highest in July and August. The city is quieter in winter, but that doesn’t make Nashville holidays any less magical under the lights of Broadway. To find our cheapest flights to Nashville, use our lowest fare finder.

How long is the flight from London to Nashville?

Around nine hours. You’ll fly from London Heathrow (LHR) to Nashville International Airport (BNA). British Airways provides direct flights to Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee, five times a week.

How do I get from Nashville airport to the city centre?

Nashville International Airport (BNA) is just east of the city centre. Once you touchdown, you can hire a car or take a taxi to Downtown Nashville. The drive is around 15 minutes. On public transport, the inexpensive number 18 bus takes around 40 minutes to get to the centre of town. Catch it from Level 1 of the concourse.

Do I need a visa to travel to Nashville?

If you have a British passport then you won’t need a visa for your holiday. However, you will need an ESTA, which you must apply for at least 72 hours prior to travelling. The fee is $14, but once it is approved, you can use your ESTA for the next two years, for multiple trips – or until your passport expires.

Maggiori informazioni sui requisiti per il visto

Quanti bagagli posso imbarcare?

Choose to fly with hand baggage only or pick a price that includes a 23kg checked baggage allowance. Premium economy class customers can check in two 23kg bags. If you’re travelling in business class you can check in two bags at 32kg each. Read our baggage guide to answer your specific queries.

Quali cabine posso prenotare quando volo con British Airways?

World TravellerWorld Traveller
World Traveller PlusWorld Traveller Plus
Club WorldClub World

Quali cabine posso prenotare quando volo con British Airways?

Le nostre cabine World Traveller , la classe economy sui voli a lungo raggio, sono una soluzione molto conveniente per chi è in cerca di voli economici. Pagando un supplemento, puoi selezionare in anticipo i posti: le poltrone più tranquille sono verso la parte anteriore dell'aereo, mentre i posti sulle ali ti permettono di avvertire meno gli effetti delle turbolenze. In alternativa, seleziona i posti gratuitamente in anticipo* all'apertura del check-in online, 24 ore prima della partenza.

La classe premium economy World Traveller Plus offre più spazio per le gambe e una cabina più piccola e più intima.

Le nostre cabine business Club World  sono dotate di letti completamente orizzontali per il massimo comfort.

Maggiori informazioni sulle nostre classi di viaggio

*La selezione gratuita dei posti 24 prima della partenza non è disponibile per chi viaggia con una tariffa solo bagaglio a mano (Basic).

Three long-haul flight tips for Nashville?

Travelling can be tiring, but you can arrive refreshed and ready if you follow some easy steps:

  1. You can’t beat a good night’s sleep before your flight. Stay fully hydrated and avoid stimulants like caffeine and chocolate. Alcohol can also affect your sleep so limit consumption on and before a flight.
  2. Beat jet lag by living on your new time zone as soon as you can. Nashville is in the Central Time Zone in the States, making it six hours behind London. Use our jet lag calculator for advice from our sleep expert.
  3. Don’t cramp your space with too much carry-on luggage around your feet. Moisturise and use lip balm, take extra layers and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Don’t forget to walk around to keep your blood flowing – as this can also reduce the effects of jet lag.

And once you’re in holiday mode, keep it that way. Book your hotel and car in advance with British Airways to take the stress out of arrival.

Squeeze your toes into sometight boots and strut into townwith our things to do guide


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