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Flights and holidays to Norway

Discover pristine natural beauty, from the deep blue fjords and vast wilderness of the Jostedalsbreen glacier to the sparsely-populated Arctic islands. Cosmopolitan Oslo is packed with museums and eclectic bars, but escape the capital to find remote villages of wooden houses nestled deep in the mountains. Visit in summer to make the most of never-ending days under the midnight sun.

Where we fly in Norway

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Discover Norway

City breaks in Norway

Stroll along Oslo’s glistening harbourside and soak up views of the fjord. See the medieval Akershus Fortress, step back in time on a visit to the Viking Ship Museum and tuck into delicious seafood in stylish Scandi restaurants. Venture west to beautiful Bergen – famous for its UNESCO-listed harbour and the start pointing for cruises along Norway’s fjords. For spectacular views, hop on the Fløibanen funicular and head up to the top of Mount Fløyen.

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Norway fly-drive holidays

Rural Norway is a land of mountains, lakes and deep valleys – ideal for summer getaways and outdoor adventures. In winter, skiing is the perfect way to soak up the magical snow-covered scenery. The rugged peaks and waters of Norway’s world-famous fjords are the biggest draw. Head for the North Cape and Tromso to see the midnight sun and meet the reindeer-herding Sami people in a spectacular waterside setting.

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Ski holidays in Norway

Explore the winter wonders of Norway on an epic ski holiday. Whether you are looking for the ultimate ski weekend or an unforgettable family trip, discover a destination plentiful in snow with skiing for all levels. Trysil is a wonderful resort for families, Oslo Vinterpark will satisfy the need for a weekend ski break and the luxurious resort of Geilo provides the perfect blend of spa and ski.

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Skiing in Norway

Welcome to the birthplace of skiing, and a brilliant alternative to the Alps of central and southern Europe.

Norway’s relatively small population of only five million ensures fewer crowds on the slopes and a natural untouched feeling to the landscape.


Considered the gateway to the Hardangervidda, northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau, Geilo sits below the mighty Hallingskarvet range. It has been welcoming tourists for 150 years, and it is known as the first skiing resort in Norway. Geilo is also one of the largest resorts, with 34 kilometres of slopes. Considered to be a luxury place to ski, enjoy spas and a taste of the ‘good life’ – like wonderful restaurants and shops. Stay at the Vestila Resort for a glimpse into ski luxury.

Geilo ski facts
Aeroporto più vicino
Stagione sciistica Mid December to May
Area piste 34 km
Altitudine del resort 1178 m
Skilift 20
Piste da sci Totale 40
Principianti 22
Livello intermedio 16
Livello avanzato 2

Geilo hotels


Located in the heart of Norway, and boasting sublime views of the Jotunheimen (Home of the Giants) National Park. Beitostølen is an idyllic mountain village surrounded by Norwegian pines – a beautiful unspoilt place, perfect for the whole family. The gentle slopes are great for children and beginners. The après ski opportunities, continental-style hotels and gourmet restaurants will not disappoint even the seasoned traveller. The Bergo Hotel offers comfortable rooms, sauna access, and great views of the Jotunheimen Mountains.

Beitostølen ski facts
Aeroporto più vicino
Stagione sciistica December to May
Area piste 21 km
Altitudine del resort 1100 m
Skilift 9
Piste da sci Totale 21
Principianti 13
Livello intermedio 7
Livello avanzato 1

Beitostølen hotels

Oslo VinterPark

Located just 20-minutes outside of Norway’s capital, Oslo Vinterpark is a small but well-equipped resort that has been one of Norway’s favourite resorts since the 1930s. They have an amazing snow park, including the only Superpipe open to the public in Europe. Oslo is the only capital city in the world that has ski slopes open 10am until 10pm (Mon-Fri), because all of the slopes are floodlit. Stay at the stunning Lysebu Hotel, which is reminiscent of a winter wonderland, close by to the slopes of Vinterpark.

Oslo Vinterpark ski facts
Aeroporto più vicino
Stagione sciistica December to mid-April
Area piste 9 km
Altitudine del resort 531 m
Skilift 12
Piste da sci Totale 17
Principianti 6
Livello intermedio 10
Livello avanzato 1

Oslo Vinterpark hotels


Surrounded by the high mountains of Norway’s protected forests, Hemesdal sits between Bergen and Oslo. Bringing mountaineering enthusiasts in the summer and skiers in the winter months, this is year-round resort. This is Norway’s second biggest resort, with almost 50 kilometres of piste, brilliant nightlife and an après ski scene more likely to be found in the Alps. Stay at the stylish Skogstad Hotell, which has been serving the skiing world since 1905. Find the perfect run before heading off to the bar for an akvavit or two.

Hemsedal ski facts
Aeroporto più vicino
Stagione sciistica November to May
Area piste 47 km
Altitudine del resort 1497 m
Skilift 24
Piste da sci Totale 52
Principianti 14
Livello intermedio 28
Livello avanzato 10

Hemsedal hotels


With 75-kilometres of piste area, this is the largest and most popular ski area in Norway. From steep and difficult black runs to languorous greens taking in the surroundings, this resort will test both advanced skiers and newcomers to the slopes alike. Snow is guaranteed due to the proximity to the Arctic Circle. There are four great snow parks, 30 restaurants, spas, bars and shops. Additionally, most of the accommodation has ski-in ski-out facilities, like the fantastic Radisson Blu Mountain Resort, where you can ski right to the door. For a smooth and scenic journey to the resort, hop on the Trysil Express Bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen Trysilekspressen, which departs several times, every day, all year round – it is the best value transfer and takes three hours.

Trysil ski facts
Aeroporto più vicino
Stagione sciistica Da novembre ad aprile
Area piste 75 km
Altitudine del resort 1132 m
Skilift 31
Piste da sci Totale 67
Principianti 21
Livello intermedio 35
Livello avanzato 11

Trysil hotels


Located in the Voss region, Myrkdalen is a great family-friendly resort two hours from Bergen and five hours from Oslo. While it is only a small resort, it caters for all levels of skier, from kids just starting out to powder seekers. Choose from easy greens and blues and sweeping reds. The superb Myrkdalen Resort sits right at the bottom of the ski centre, and is the ideal place to stay. Myrkdalen is also well-known for its cross country skiing, and as telemark originates in Norway, it would be a shame not to give it a go.

Myrkdalen ski facts
Aeroporto più vicino
Stagione sciistica Da dicembre ad aprile
Area piste 30 km
Altitudine del resort 450 m
Skilift 9
Piste da sci Totale 22
Principianti 11
Livello intermedio 8
Livello avanzato 3

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