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Flights and holidays to Israel

Ammiri lo sviluppo vertiginoso di Israele a Tel Aviv e lungo la costa mediterranea. Visiti decine di siti storici di classe mondiale a Gerusalemme e in Galilea. Si rilassi nella località premier israeliana di Eilat, sul Mar Rosso. Gli israeliani sono informali e allegri, amano condividere una deliziosa cucina fusion e ritrovarsi per intrattenimenti culturali o nei locali notturni.

Cities we fly to in Israel

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Holidays in Israel

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Our recommended holidays in Israel

Dive into exhilarating Tel Aviv. Just 100 years old, it's Israel's largest and most relaxed city, dominating its cultural and economic life. Travel a short way east to reach gold-domed Jerusalem, more than 3000 years old, and today Israel's capital. Head north to fertile Galilee, and south to explore the spectacular Negev desert and the Red Sea beach resort of Eilat.

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City breaks in Israel

Stroll Tel Aviv's long beachside promenade and shop for affordable designer fashions. Be entertained by the city's world-class orchestras or if you prefer, all-night clubs and music venues. See the Dead Sea Scrolls at Jerusalem's Israel Museum and gaze at revered Biblical sites. In the south, indulge yourself at Eilat's upmarket resort hotels, bordering the Sinai Desert.

Fly-drive holidays in Israel

Hire a car in Tel Aviv and drive to charming little towns like Safad in the gentle fertile hills of Israel's north-east. Travel around the Sea of Galilee visiting its nature reserves and archaeological remains. Check out the wine-growing Carmel Hills, float in the weirdly salty Dead Sea or explore the Negev Desert's awesome wilderness, with spectacular landscapes and historical sites from long-gone civilisations.

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For the soul, head to Jerusalem,or float in the Dead Sea,the lowest point on the planet


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