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1/ When do I have to fly to qualify for this offer?
To qualify for the Bonus Miles and Free Upgrade offer, all flights must be on British Airways operated services, flown between November 12th, 2001 and March 31st, 2002 inclusive.

2/ Which booking classes are eligible for this offer?
Euro Traveller & World Traveller (economy class) - Y, B, H, K, L, M;
World Traveller Plus (longhaul premium economy class) - W, T;
Club Europe (European business class) C, D;
Club World (longhaul business class) - J, D;
First - F, A

3/ Do I need to be an Executive Club Member to take advantage of this offer?
Yes, you have to be member of the British Airways Executive Club, locally registered and resident in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Albania, Macedonia.

However, you can also join and register as local member of the Executive Club (residing in the above mentioned countries) during the campaign period. To join online, go to www.britishairways.com/execclub/join

4/ How many flight sectors does a flight from Budapest to London and back to Budapest consist of?
This particular journey consists of 2 sectors.

5/ Are the 5000 Bonus Miles in addition to the Miles I would normally earn?
Yes. Your Executive Club account will be automatically credited with the 5000 Bonus Miles once you have completed 2 or 4 flight sectors. This is in addition to the standard Executive Club Miles you collect.

6/ How and when will I receive my Free Upgrade voucher?
Once you have qualified ( see table on the gateway page for details), you will be informed in writing with information on how to book and redeem your Free Upgrade reward.

7/ When can I use my Free Upgrade voucher?
The Free Upgrade voucher is valid for travel between April 1st, 2002 and September 30th, 2002 and is subject to availability of the applicable booking class.

8/ What do you mean by one class, one sector upgrade?
You can use the Free Upgrade voucher in exchange for one class, one sector upgrade, i.e. Euro Traveller (European economy class) to Club Europe (European business class); World Traveller (economy class) to World Traveller Plus (longhaul premium economy class).

Exception: on services where British Airways does not offer World Traveller Plus, the upgrade will be from World Traveller to Club World. Club World (longhaul business class) to First.
The Free Upgrade vouchers are not applicable from First to Concorde.

9/ I have received 2 Free Upgrade vouchers and wish to use them in conjunction with Euro Traveller tickets, which I will purchase in April 2002. Can I do that?
Yes. You can use your 2 Free Upgrade vouchers for upgrade from Euro Traveller to Club Europe.

10/ Can you give me an example how I can use the 4 Free Upgrade vouchers I received in conjunction with Executive Club free flight redemption booking? I wish to travel in May 2002 from Warsaw via London to Johannesburg and back.
Use 70000 Executive Club Miles to book a free flight redemption ticket in Euro/World Traveller .
Upgrade all 4 flight sectors of your journey; i.e. Warsaw-London-Warsaw to Club Europe and London-Johannesburg-London to World Traveller Plus.

11/ Can I use my Free Upgrade voucher for an upgrade from First to Concorde?
No, the Free Upgrade vouchers are not applicable for upgrade from First to Concorde.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact your Executive Club Service Centre, who will be happy to assist you.

Turkey email to: executiveclub.4.tr@britishairways.com
Greece & Cyprus email to: executiveclub.4.cyprus@britishairways.com
Central & Eastern Europe email to: executiveclub.4.sk@britishairways.com

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