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Vols pour Saint Kitts et Nevis

With British Airways you can fly to St Kitts from London without changing planes. Due to Covid-19, schedules and airports are subject to change. For the latest information, check our timetable.

Sit back, relax and enjoy travelling in style on our long haul British Airways flights, connecting you to St Kitts and Nevis from London. The plane has a brief stop on the tarmac in Antigua, but you can fly with British Airways all the way. Our flights land in Basseterre, St Kitts in the afternoon – so you’ll have time to watch the sunset, or take a private transfer over to Nevis. Our flights back to London depart in the early evening, so you can enjoy a full final day on the islands at the end of your holiday.

Vols pour Saint Kitts et Nevis

Everything you need to know about our flights to St Kitts & Nevis

How long is the flight to St Kitts from London?
Informations sur le vol, sur l'arrivée, sur le départ depuis l'aéroport de Londres (Angleterre).

How long is the flight to St Kitts from London?

The flight to St Kitts is approximately 10 hours and 15 minutes long. You’ll fly from London Gatwick (LGW) to Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport on St Kitts (SKB). Your journey time includes a brief stop in Antigua. The plane will remain on the runway in Antigua for an hour– but you won’t have to disembark.

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