Sierra Leone

En partant de Freetown, une ville explosant de bruits et de couleurs, allez sur les plages de sable blond, puis explorez les villages pittoresques de maisons à toit de chaume. Les femmes y cuisinent du poisson fraîchement pêché sur des feux de bois : la Sierra Leone offre au regard des surprises charmantes. La Sierra Leone est une démocratie paisible et sûre depuis plus d'une décennie, et l'alliance de ses plages exotiques, de ses habitants accueillants, de ses montagnes verdoyantes, de son riche passé – notamment du temps de l’esclavage – et de sa nature magnifique en font une des destinations les plus intéressantes d'Afrique.

Flights to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone.

Freetown is the only easily accessible city in Sierra Leone. A feast for the senses, it’s chaotic but captivating. The main attraction is the big-hearted welcome you’ll get at the lively open-air bars lining Lumley Beach. Old Fourah Bay College is an emotional reminder of the destruction caused by the war, while you can pick up handcrafted goods at the bustling Big Market. Don’t spend more than a day or two though – the main attractions are outside the city.

Holidays in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone.

Those beaches. Miles and miles of them, mostly deserted – all stunning. River No 2 and Tokeh are the most white-sand/palm tree idyllic, while Banana Island and Turtle Island offer a traditional experience with sandy bays and villages where you can mingle with the locals. The rainforested Tiwai Island is so teeming with wildlife it’s said to be where the soundtrack for Avatar was recorded, while eerie Bunce Island is the site of a huge, crumbling former slave fort.

Things to do in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone.

Any beach south of Freetown is worth your time. For a real community experience, visit the Tribewanted project at John Obey, where you can make dinner with the locals. Wildlife wise, take a boat up River No 2 to search for crocodiles, seek out the elusive pygmy hippo at Tiwai, or spend the night at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Banana Island offers excellent diving and snorkelling, with several wrecks (and piles of submerged Portugese cannons) not far from shore.