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Gibralatr Rock.

Gibraltar: A business guide

Gibraltar has big ambitions to become a significant European startup hub in the next few years.


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Hong Kong at night.

Hong Kong: A business guide

It may be better known as a financial hub, but Hong Kong's breakneck pace and can-do spirit make it an ideal setting for startups.

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Rome: A business guide

It may be best known for its historical wonders, but the Eternal City is now embracing the future as a thriving startup hub.

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Bill Sweeney.

La médaille d'or à portée de brasse

Meet the man with ultimate responsibility for Team GB during Rio 2016.

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Los Angeles: A business guide

A business traveller’s guide on where to eat, sleep and shop in Los Angeles.

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Beach hut.

Miami : un guide pour les affaires

A business traveller’s guide on where to eat, sleep and shop in Miami.

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A380 taxiing.

Comment nous décidons les routes de l'A380

Ever wondered how British Airways decides where to deploy the A380 double-decker aircraft?

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Pont Golden Gate.

San Francisco: A business guide

A guide to San Francisco’s famously casual Business etiquette.

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Los Angeles skyline.

Brits doing business in the USA

We caught up with four British business people making it big in America.

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LA skyline.

Atlantic crossings

Discover six stories of Brits doing business in the USA and Americans the same in the UK.

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Tips on making small talk

Get the conversation started with tips from communication specialist, Judy Apps.

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Les conseils de professionnels

From business inspiration to which LinkedIn requests to accept.

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Cognitive psychology.

Adding a personal touch in business

Making it personal can keep your customers returning time and again.


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Devices around a desk.

Putting the perfect team together

Vikas Shah, explains how putting together the ideal board is more of an art than a science.

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Networking in the air

Striking up conversation with strangers on your journey could be good for you and your contacts book.

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