Crew tips: Winter flying essentials

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Décembre 2017

Thanks to busy airports and colder temperatures, travelling in the winter months can come with extra baggage, so it’s worth thinking ahead to ensure your journey is as plane sailing as possible. Here are some handy hints and tips from our cabin crew to get your holiday off to a great start this winter.

Carry cabin-friendly baggage

As much as we’d like to store your snowboards and sledges in the cabin, space really is limited. That’s why it’s essential your cabin baggage consists of no more than one handbag or laptop bag (weighing a maximum of 23kg and measuring up to 40x30x15cm) and one additional cabin bag (maximum 23kg and up to 56x45x25cm). That way, you and your fellow passengers can avoid any delays caused by trying to squeeze extras into the cabin, allowing you to get your holiday started quicker.

Top tip: Pack a lightweight folding bag if you think you might need extra space for shopping on your return journey, but make sure you don't go over your free checked baggage allowance

Store on-board bags safely

To help ensure your flight leaves on time, handbags (or laptop bag alternatives) that adhere to the right size and weight will receive a yellow label at the airport that guarantees they will be allowed in the cabin. Please stow your tagged bag (or laptop) securely under the seat of front of you. Your additional cabin bag will need to be stored in the overhead locker or, if your flight is busy, checked in at boarding. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of it and, once you’ve collected it upon arrival, it’ll be like you never left each other’s side.

  • Your bags must fit into the baggage gauge at check-in and be big enough to fit any airport purchases © Getty

    Need a little extra room?

    No problem. You can take more bags than your free checked baggage allowance for an additional fee. You’ll get the best rate if you pay online in advance...

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  • Special cargo: Take your skis with you and hit the slopes © George Clerk / Getty Images

    Pack for the pistes

    If you’re taking ski and snowboarding equipment with you as part of your free checked baggage allowance, make sure they are under 190cm in length to avoid extra charges.

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  • Don't forget to check your destination's weather forecast to ensure you pack the right clothes © Getty

    Maximise your allowance

    Discover how to get organised and make the most of your free baggage allowance with some more handy tips...

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Shop smart at the airport

Waiting for a flight gives you the perfect opportunity to pick up some last-minute gifts and treats at the airport. However, please bear in mind that anything you buy will need to fit inside your cabin bag securely so that the bag itself continues to sit comfortably in the bag gauge (along with any handles and wheels).

Be wary of carrying Christmas essentials

During the festive season, when spirits are high, it’s easy to forget that the usual rules apply when you fly. So it’s worth emphasising that liquids – such as wine and champagne gifts, or even snow globes for example – cannot be carried in your cabin bag. Likewise, other Christmas essentials such as brandy butter, custard, chutney or pâtés, as well as any cheese board gifts that contain a knife, will have to be packed securely in your hold luggage. And as for Christmas crackers, you can take up to two boxes per person on flights departing the UK provided they are commercially manufactured (homemade crackers are not permitted), are for personal use only and packed in your checked baggage. You cannot take any Christmas crackers on flights departing the US.

  • Buy before you fly with High Life Shop © British Airways

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    You can order High Life gifts up to three days before your flight (available on selected long haul routes only) and it will be hand-delivered by a member of Cabin Crew directly to your seat onboard.

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Wrap presents when you arrive

Please don’t carry wrapped presents in your hand baggage – airport staff would hate to undo all your hard work if they need opening at Security. Instead, carry your gift, paper, bows and tags separately so you can get wrapping once you arrive.

Treat your loved ones to the High Life

Holidaying with family and friends over the festive season? Instead of rushing around busy department stores before your holiday, why not choose your gifts in comfort on board? Our High Life Magazine, which you’ll find in your front seat pocket, is chock full of duty free goodies for everyone, including stocking fillers for the kids (like toy cars, teddies and chocolate) and something special for your partner (luxury handbags, designer perfume and limited edition watches). Top tip: you can choose and order your presents online at before you fly and we’ll deliver them directly to your seat.

Please note: Onboard delivery is not available for short haul flights and for some long haul flights.

And for your essential extra…

Unless you’re chasing the sun, winter holidays call for arctic-proof clothing. Short of wearing all your layers on board and overheating in-flight, any coats must be stored on top of your bag in the overhead locker. This will save on space as well as leave room for others to store their belongings too.