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Last month we asked you to vote for your favourite TV Drama box set. You chose

Game of Thrones

(TV Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Season Four) HBO's epic adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire

This month we would like you to vote on your favourite Classic British TV Series

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BA City Guide - Mumbai

Discover all of what India's largest city has to offer with our audio BA City Guide.

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In Conversation: Ol Parker

An exclusive interview for British Airways customers with the screenwriter of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films.

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Plan your on board entertainment before you fly

No calls. No emails. Just hours of free time to spend as you wish. So make the most of it!

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August 2015

The New High Life Entertainment

Discovering more about your inflight entertainment on board with us

We've refreshed our High Life Entertainment pages, making it even easier to browse the wide selection of content that will be available on your

August 2015 The Tate On Board


In an airline exclusive, The Tate opens its doors on board our flights with an exclusive collection of content for you to enjoy.


On board, you can go behind the scenes of blockbuster ex

August 2015 BA City Guide - Mumbai

Be it the iconic 'Gateway of India', the art festival 'Kala Ghoda' or the historic 'Elephanta Caves', Mumbai is one of the most eventful cities in the world.

  Tune into our exclusive BA City Guide series an

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