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Seychellois Rupee

Time in the Seychelles

When will you visit the Seychelles?

Temperatura media
Temperatura media

Summer in the Seychelles

Discover some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving spots in the world between April and May, when conditions are sublime. Enjoy water temperatures as high as 29°C and underwater visibility of up to 30 metres. Hit the surf during late summer, when winds and waves blend together to create awesome conditions for surfing, windsurfing and sailing. Fortunately, temperatures at night stay below 25°C, making sleeping easy, although air-conditioning and ceiling fans are available in most hotels when you’re feeling a bit toasty.

Winter in the Seychelles

Like most exotic slices of paradise, a tropical rainfall will sprinkle over the Seychelles, but showers here tend to last anything from 15 minutes to a few hours, rather than days. The temperature remains sizzling but the south-east breezes keep you cool in September and October. Sailing is far more relaxing, as waters are more peaceful – ideal for island-hopping days. October and November bring more months of prime-time snorkelling and scuba diving, with warm waters and clear visibility providing perfect conditions.

Cómo desplazarse

Transporte hasta y desde el aeropuerto

Hop in a taxi, glide across the ocean in a boat, or take a short plane ride to your hotel, once you land on the island of Mahé. Make life a breeze, when you pre-book your transfers before your holiday to the Seychelles. When you touchdown in the Seychelles, there are plenty of options for your onward journey, whether you are staying in the capital of Victoria, elsewhere on the island of Mahé, or venturing on to Praslin or La Digue. With a free shuttle to the harbour, an Inter-Island boat journey from Mahé to Praslin takes around an hour and costs about 835 SCR, Mahé to La Digue costs about 1060 SCR and the short trip between Praslin and La Digue is around 225 SCR, all one way. Return prices are available. You can also fly across to Praslin Island Airport from Seychelles International Airport for a shorter transfer at a reasonable price.


Whether you are looking for a ride from the airport, or a car to take you around the island you’re on – you can jump in a taxi on the islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. The taxis in the Seychelles aren’t metered, so be sure to agree a price with the driver before you set off.


Bus services are a good option if you have more time, but they only run on Mahé and Praslin. Pick up a bus timetable from Victoria (the capital city of Mahé) to work out changes and routes. Whatever the length of your journey, the flat rate is five rupees (£0.30). On Praslin, there is a flat rate of seven rupees (£0.40) and timetables are available at the two tourist offices.

A pie y en bicicleta

La Digue is the most popular island for walking and cycling, with its laid-back attitude. There are spots on Praslin to rent bicycles from, as well as lots of hotels which offer bike hire. Mahé is a particularly mountainous island, with plenty of hills, so it’s not as easy to cycle or walk about – unless you’re after a hiking and trekking adventure.


With plenty of boats and ferries cruising between Mahé, Praslin and La Digue regularly, it’s easy to get between islands and resorts. To get to other islands, you’ll need to either join a tour or charter a boat privately.

Seguridad ante todo

Like any dazzling holiday destination, it’s prudent to take care when travelling.

Here are some tips for your trip to the Seychelles:

  1. Situated closely to the equator, sunrays are strong, so be sure to bring sun cream with you and look after your skin.
  2. There are a variety of bugs in the Seychelles, hopefully you won’t come across too many, but bring along plenty of insect repellent to avoid nasty bites.
  3. Drink bottled or filtered water – some parts of the Seychelles are still in development, including water cleansing systems.
  4. Because of seasonal changes, be cautious of the ocean. Waves can become incredibly big, strong currents can form and there are rough rocks near shorelines.
  5. Going topless on most of the beaches in the Seychelles is illegal, so just be sensible. Most hotel and resort beaches allow this, just check first.

Con el fin de prepararse mejor para sus vacaciones, consulte nuestros consejos de viaje y los consejos gubernamentales para viajar al extranjero adicionales.

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The special thing about La Digue.

The special thingabout La Digue is how everyonegets about by bicycle

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