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Time in San Jose

When’s the best time to visit San Jose?

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Spring in San Jose

Springtime in San Jose is very comfortable, with average temperatures in May reaching up to 23°C (75°F) making it a very attractive time to visit. Like other big cities, students on Spring Break come to holiday here and the beaches can get busy when the weather warms up. This is the perfect time to get outside though and a visit to the Municipal Rose Garden is a must, as is a hike in Alum Rock Park.

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Summer in San Jose

Summer in San Jose is means temperatures of up to 28°C (82°F) and though there is minimal rainfall, nearby beaches can see fog in the summer months. Food trucks have hit the streets of San Jose in recent years, and this is the weather to explore the city on foot. Grab lunch on the go, while taking in some local attractions such the Basilica Cathedral Saint Joseph and the world’s largest Monopoly board in Guadalupe River Park.

Autumn in San Jose

This is the rainiest season in the city, but if you prefer to see the sights when fewer people are around, this is a good time to visit. San Jose has great museums and galleries, the Tech Museum of Innovation is a must to educate yourself on everything Silicon Valley has become famous for, while the San Jose Museum of Art has pieces in its permanent collection by Salvador Dali and Alexander Calder.

Eventos y actividades

Winter in San Jose

Winters in San Jose can see rain, and temperatures in January hovers around 10°C (50°F) but can reach up to 15°C (60°F). This is a great time to enjoy the city’s galleries and museums, as visitor numbers are lower than the summer months. Or venture further afield and catch some California snow at Lake Tahoe or in the Sierra Nevada mountains. In February and March the temperature climbs a little, and people in San Jose pride themselves on being able to rely on the weather, as it’s so predictably good.

San Jose visa and entry requirements

Si es ciudadano de un país participante en el Programa de Exención de Visado (como es el caso de España), deberá presentar un pasaporte electrónico válido junto con una autorización del ESTA para poder entrar en Estados Unidos. El pasaporte electrónico se puede identificar con un símbolo de chip en la portada.

Puede solicitar una autorización del ESTA a través de Internet y recibirla de inmediato, aunque le recomendamos que realice la solicitud al menos 72 horas antes de la salida de su vuelo por si se la denegaran. La autorización del ESTA es válida para varios viajes durante un máximo de dos años o hasta que caduque su pasaporte.

Si tiene la doble nacionalidad (es decir, un pasaporte de un país apto en el marco del Programa de Exención de Visado y un pasaporte de otro país no apto, como es el caso de Irán, Irak, Sudán o Siria), ya no podrá entrar en el territorio estadounidense con una autorización del ESTA.

Los ciudadanos del Reino Unido pueden pasar el control de pasaportes de Estados Unidos más rápido al registrarse en Entrada Global, el programa de la Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de Estados Unidos. El registro tiene una validez de cinco años y el proceso de solicitud incluye una verificación de antecedentes, así como una entrevista cara a cara en el centro oficial de registro.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have the right documents to be allowed entry into the USA when flying into San Jose.

Cómo desplazarse

San Jose International

When you land at San Jose International, there are several options for getting into San Jose and to your hotel. Minimum fare from the airport is $15, and there is a $1.50 airport tax. After the first three miles the fare is charged at $3 per mile. There are many shuttle services you can prebook to take you into the city. Why not book them with us with your flight or holiday? Or, if you’re planning to explore the area and take road trips while you are there, hire a car.


There are plenty of cab companies to choose from in San Jose, including AJ Taxi Service and Yellow Checker Cab that you can prebook. There can download taxi apps, including Uber and Lyft.

Trenes y autobuses

The bus and train services in San Jose are run by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). All stations have automated ticket machines and the BART ticket is like a debit card that can be topped up. Most rail lines run from 04.30 until 00.00. Buses are operated by the Santa Clara Transportation Authority and fares cost from $2.25, or $4.50 for an eight-hour pass. You can pay with the correct cash on board, or purchase a Clipper card from a VTA ticket office or a participating store such as Walgreens. Buses run from 05.00 until 00.00.

A pie y en bicicleta

Bicycles are readily available for hire in San Jose and there are many great cycle trails in the city and in the parks and surrounding country parks, as well as cycle tours. Be warned though, this is a pretty hilly city. Walking is easy around the centre of San Jose, and makes a great way to take in the sights.

Asuntos de dinero

Tipping in San Jose is a part of the culture, and unless you’ve experienced extremely bad service, you should tip. For most restaurants, a tip between 15 and 20 per cent on top of the pre-tax total is standard. At a bar tips range from 50 cents for soft drinks, to $1-$2 for wines and beers, to $2-$3 for cocktails.

Taking a taxi? As with other cities in the USA, in San Jose it’s common to round up the fare, and for help with your bags round tip around 20 per cent. Once you arrive at your hotel, porters will appreciate $1 or $2 per bag. And hotel maids might expect $1 or $2 for a few days of cleaning.

Being a technology epicentre, it’s no surprise that cash is only really used for tipping, and it’s very rare to find places that don’t accept credit cards. Some places won’t even accept notes over $20, so store cash in your hotel safe until you need it.

Staying safe in San Jose

Just like any big city, you should still take care when travelling around San Jose. Don’t forget:

  1. Planifique las rutas e itinerarios que vaya a seguir con antelación para orientarse con mayor facilidad.
  2. Use well-populated and well-lit streets when walking at night.
  3. No haga alarde de objetos de valor como joyas, cámaras y teléfonos móviles en público.
  4. You must by over 21 years old to drink alcohol.
  5. Don’t jaywalk – you could end up with a ticket.

Con el fin de prepararse mejor para sus vacaciones, consulte nuestros consejos de viaje y los consejos gubernamentales para viajar al extranjero adicionales.

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