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Flights to Kefalonia

Calling all Captain Corellis

Duración del vuelo desde Londres

3 hrs

Distancia desde Londres

1.360 millas

It’s the easiest way to get some peace, some quiet, and some sunshine – fly direct from London to Kefalonia with British Airways. Our flights depart twice a week in the summer months.

Enjoy your voyage with our caring cabin crew and make the most of excellent service and wonderful comfort on your short flight to Greece. Our services depart in the afternoon and land in Kefalonia in the late afternoon. After whizzing through the island’s little airport, you’ll be on a sun lounger in time for sunset – so you can get straight into holiday mode. With our generous baggage allowance, you can pack for all eventualities: hot days on the beach and cooler evenings dining outside tavernas. Discover all there is to do at one of the largest islands in Greece after just one easy flight.

Flights to Kefalonia

Our flights run from London Heathrow (LHR) to Kefalonia International Airport (EFL) and back on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the summer months. We run our summer service to Kefalonia from the end of April to the start of October.

Take a week away – or even two – with our flight and holiday packages to Kefalonia.

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A flyer's guide: Tips for flying to Kefalonia

Everything you need to know before you fly to Kefalonia from London with British Airways.

What’s the cheapest time to fly to Kefalonia?

The cheapest time to visit Kefalonia during the summertime is in the shoulder months of May and September - when you can soak up the island’s more relaxed atmosphere. To find our cheapest flights to Kefalonia, use our lowest fare finder.

How long is the flight from London to Kefalonia?

The flight time from London Heathrow (LHR) to Kefalonia International Airport (EFL) is three hours and 25 minutes.

How do I get from Kefalonia airport to my resort?

Kefalonia International Airport (EFL) is located on the south-west end of the island, fifteen minutes’ drive south of Argostoli, and an hour from the resorts around Skala in the south east. The easiest and best way to get around the island is by car. If you don’t want to hire a car, you can add a transfer to your hotel booking when you book your holiday with us,or jump in an airport taxi to reach your hotel.

Platia Ammos beach in Kefalonia. ©Lucianbolca

How many bags can I check in on my flight to Kefalonia?

Take advantage of British Airway’s generous baggage allowance. When you book standard economy class or a package holiday you can check in one bag each, weighing up to 23kg in addition to taking on a handbag or laptop bag and one other carry-on bag. If you’re travelling in business class you can check in two bags at 32kg each. Families travelling with young children in either class can also check in one car seat and one fully collapsible pushchair.

Read our baggage guide to answer your specific queries.

Do I need a visa for Kefalonia?

If you’re travelling on a European Union (EU) passport you will not need a visa to visit Kefalonia. Those from countries outside the EU may need to apply for a visa in advance of your trip. You can find out more information, check your visa requirements and apply by visiting the IATA Travel Centre.


Assos bay, Kefalonia. ©JordeAngjelovik

¿Qué cabinas puedo reservar al volar con British Airways?


¿Qué cabinas puedo reservar al volar con British Airways?

¿Qué cabinas puedo reservar al volar con British Airways?

You can fly in Euro Traveller or Club Europe.

Our Euro Traveller (economy) cabins are a good budget option, with award-winning service and Marks and Spencer food available to order on all our short-haul flights. Our Euro Traveller cabin offers a range of wallet-friendly fares:

  • Basic ofrece la tarifa más económica, donde se permite solamente equipaje de mano.
  • Plus incluye una franquicia de equipaje facturado y permite cambios de vuelo durante el día de la partida.
  • Plus Flex incluye equipaje facturado y un reembolso completo en caso de cancelaciones. Los cambios a los vuelos pueden realizarse hasta una hora antes del despegue.

Our Club Europe (business class) cabins are located at the front of the plane, with the middle seat kept free for extra legroom and added comfort. Enjoy great service, extra baggage allowance and refreshments.

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Kefalonia tips

Our insider Kefalonia tips will have you feeling holiday ready in no time.

¿Cuándo se dan propinas?

Tipping is optional here. It is considered polite to leave a small tip after a drink (50 cents), as well as to tip a little more when you go out for a meal (1-2 euros). If you like somewhere and think you will return, a 10% tip would encourage a wonderful repeat service and experience.

Don’t miss

The magic of Melissani Cave. Take a small boat across the cobalt blue lake of the caves and watch the waters light up as the sunlight pours in from above. Listen to local myths about nymphs and look out for curious dolphin-shaped stalactites. The Melissani caves are found just outside Sami, on the southern coast of the island.

Weather in Kefalonia

With summer highs of 31°C during the day and lows of 13°C at night, you’ll need to keep the sun-cream by your side in Kefalonia. Make the most of the beach and spend your days sunbathing on the shore. If it gets too hot, take dip in the pool or the sea to cool down; or find a hilltop taverna, perch outside with a drink, and enjoy the breeze.

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Dónde alojarse

One of the nicest hotels in Kefalonia is actually under ten minutes from its airport. White Rocks is a modern four-star hotel set in fragrant pine forest. Breeze through airport security and you can fit in an evening swim in its pool, or a stroll down to its private beach on your first day.

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Qué comer

Greek dining is fresh and flavourful. Order a plate of mezze, enjoy delicious grilled seafood, and tuck into Greek salad, moussaka and olives. Enjoy a feast of tantalising dishes and be sure to order pistachio ice-cream and baklava for dessert. Accompany your meal with local wine and a tipple of ouzo.


Venture to the many stunning beaches of Kefalonia and spend your days in serenity. Myrtos beach is a must-see. It’s famous as a filming location for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, but you don’t need to be a fan of the film to appreciate the scenery. It’s known as one of the most beautiful spots, not just in Kefalonia, but in the whole of Greece.

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