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Flights to Corsica

Uncover France’s treasured island

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If you’re looking for a summer holiday somewhere beautiful and a little bit quieter, book one of our direct flights to Corsica from London. British Airways operates seasonal flights to Corsica during summer. We fly to both Figari airport, in the south of the island and Bastia airport, in the north.

Proud Corsica is a French island with a fiercely independent streak. Not for nothing is Napoleon its most famous export. Corsica's many beautiful beaches are a closely-guarded French secret. Book your Corsica holidays to find out why. Fly to Bastia in the north and enjoy the unspoilt Cap Corse, or fly to Figari and enjoy the string of beaches around Porto Vecchio, or the white cliffs and cool grottoes around Bonifacio. What this island lacks in French finesse, it more than makes up for in craggy beauty and seductive sunsets. Before you discover its wild shores, relax on a very civilised flight. Whether you fly to Bastia or Figari, enjoy our award-winning service, and arrive refreshed and ready to relax.

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Where we fly in Corsica

British Airways flies to two airports in Corsica in the summer months: to Bastia – Poretta Airport (BIA) and Figari Sud-Corse Airport (FSC). Our flights depart from London.

Bastia airport is in the north of the island, near Bastia, the island’s second biggest city. Figari airport is in the south of the island, near Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio. Our flights to Bastia depart on Saturdays and our flights between Figari and London depart on Sundays: either service is perfect if you’re looking for a week-long break in the Mediterranean.

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A flyer's guide: Tips for flying to Corsica

Everything you need to know before you fly to Corsica from London with British Airways.

How long does it take to fly to Corsica from London?

Flying from London to Corsica takes around two hours. It's slightly quicker to fly to Bastia airport than Figari. Flights to Bastia take two hours and ten minutes. Flights to Figari take two hours and 25 minutes.

Which airport should I fly into?

Bastia airport is the northernmost on the island, half an hour’s drive from the city. This airport is great for accessing the swanky resorts around Calvi, as well as the towns of L'Île-Rousse and St Florent on the northern coast.

Figari airport is on the southern tip of the island, just five minutes outside Figari town and not far from the popular towns of Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. Fly in to Figari to easily access the south of the island. It takes around two and a half hours to drive to Ajaccio, the capital, whether you fly into Bastia or Figari. Nowhere is more than three hours’ drive away on the island.

Sailing boat on the beach in Corsica. ©eugeneserge

How many bags can I check in on my flight to Corsica?

Take advantage of British Airway’s generous baggage allowance. With standard economy or a flight + hotel package you can check in one bag each, weighing up to 23kg – in addition to a handbag or laptop bag and one other carry-on bag. If you’re travelling in business class you can check in two bags at 32kg each. Families travelling with young children in either class can also check in one car seat and one fully collapsible pushchair. Read our baggage guide to answer your specific queries.

Do I need a visa for Corsica?

Corsica is a French territory, and the travel restrictions for visiting are the same as mainland France. If you’re travelling on a European Union (EU) passport you will not need a visa to visit Corsica. If you are from outside the EU, you may need to apply for a visa before you travel. Find out more about visa requirements on our visa information page.

Place Gaffory, Corte, Corsica. ©Guillaume Chanson.

¿Qué cabinas puedo reservar al volar con British Airways?


¿Qué cabinas puedo reservar al volar con British Airways?

¿Qué cabinas puedo reservar al volar con British Airways?

You can fly in Euro Traveller or Club Europe.

Our Euro Traveller (economy) cabins are a good budget option. Our Euro Traveller cabin offers a range of wallet-friendly fares:

  • Basic ofrece la tarifa más económica, donde se permite solamente equipaje de mano.
  • Plus incluye una franquicia de equipaje facturado y permite cambios de vuelo durante el día de la partida.
  • Plus Flex incluye equipaje facturado y un reembolso completo en caso de cancelaciones. Los cambios a los vuelos pueden realizarse hasta una hora antes del despegue.

Our Club Europe (business class) cabins are located at the front of the plane, with the middle seat kept free for extra legroom and added comfort. Enjoy great service, extra baggage allowance and complimentary refreshments.

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Corsica tips

Our Corsica hints and tips will have you feeling like a local in no time.

What language is spoken?

French is the official language in Corsica. However, most people also speak Corsican, which is taught in schools. This language is closer to medieval Tuscan Italian than French. The island is very used to visitors and you’ll find most towns tourist-friendly. Don’t feel the need to become fluent for a week-long trip.

Don’t miss

Ajaccio: the island’s little capital is famous for being Napoleon’s birthplace. His family home, Maison Bonaparte, makes for an interesting visit if you’re based nearby. If you’d rather stay apart from Bonaparte, there are plenty of art galleries and museums in the centre of town. Walk along the shady boulevards and look out for the regular produce markets selling strong-smelling cheeses.

Weather in Corsica

Corsica is not as hot as you might expect. Profiting from its mountains and sea breeze, it’s balmy rather than stifling. Its August temperature has an average high of 29 degrees and in the late spring you’ll get a sunny 22 degrees. Inland in the mountains it is several degrees colder than on the shore. Explorers: pack your layers and waterproofs.

Dónde alojarse

With 200 beaches, and a whole lot of beautiful coastline, it’s difficult to decide where to stay in Corsica. Villas provide peace, quiet and privacy on a family holiday, whilst there are luxury resorts across the island. Stay near Ajaccio, the capital or join the jetsetters in swanky Bonifacio. If you’re looking for hotels near the beach, the town of Porto Vecchio is surrounded by soft, curving coves.

Qué comer

Thanks to the French visitors, Corsica’s restaurants cook to a high standard and you’ll easily find Gallic cuisine. There are also plenty of Italian restaurants for when you’re craving a stone-baked pizza. Corsicans are brave with flavour and local specialities are all rather pungent – strong sheep’s cheese and delicious spicy sausage are sold at most markets.


You can’t leave Corsica without experiencing ‘true’ Corsican culture. Drive inland to the citadel-topped town of Corte. The island’s old capital is evocative and traditional and from here there are walking trails and canyoning excursions into the surrounding mountains.

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