Transcript: Women in tech


Ruzwana Bashir: We still have a situation in tech where there aren’t enough women who are starting companies. I don’t think we do a good job of advocating for women taking risks. So I think there are a lot of things that build up that mean that some young women are feeling as if though they can’t necessarily start a company, they need to get more experience, they don’t have the skillset or tools at their disposal that are necessary. And I think we need to get rid of those notions and so I think that a lot of ____ in tech are working hard to say wow you don’t have to tick all these boxes you just have to have a great idea and have the passion to be able to push it through. I do feel the tide is shifting and more people are beginning to focus on it. More entrepreneurs like myself as women are speaking out and saying go for it, take that risk.