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collapsedshowIf your flight is delayed or cancelled collapsedshowLost or damaged baggage and lost property

Lost or damaged bags

  • Report a missing or damaged bag or contents.
  • Check the status of a missing bag.
  • Claim baggage-related expenses or compensation.

Get advice, links and contact details for lost and damaged bags

Lost property on an aircraft or in an airport

Contact the airport you were in or flying to when you lost your property.

Lost property contacts

collapsedshowDisability and mobility assistance

People requiring disability or mobility assistance

Please tell us at least 48 hours before your flight departs if you require assistance during your journey.

Learn more about the types of assistance we offer - including wheelchairs

If you have made a booking, you can request assistance in Manage My Booking

Assistance dogs

Recognised assistance dogs can travel in the cabin free of charge.

Learn more about travelling with assistance dogs, including how to book

collapsedshowOther travel assistance collapsedshowCancel your booking and applying for a refund

To cancel a booking, follow the instructions below. Whether you receive a refund, and how much, will depend on the type of ticket you purchased. The lowest priced economy tickets are generally non-refundable except for the taxes, fees and carrier charges. You may also have to pay a service charge.

Bookings made directly with British Airways

The easiest and fastest way to obtain a refund is in Manage My Booking:

  1. Log in to Manage My Booking.
  2. Select the flight you wish to cancel, or to cancel the whole booking, select the first flight.
  3. Select ‘Change/cancel booking’.

In many cases, we will be able to show you a summary of the refund amount available, plus any charges, before you have to commit to cancelling the booking.

British Airways flights bought with a credit or debit card will take approximately five working days to process. Other airlines or payment methods may take longer.

If you are unable to log in your booking on, you can complete our alternative refund form, but this may take several weeks to process. Additionally, we will be unable to calculate your refund amount before processing your claim.

Bookings made through a travel agent

Please contact your travel agent directly to arrange a cancellation and refund.

collapsedshowRequest duplicate receipts, proof of travel and other insurance documents

It you booked directly with British Airways, use this form to request:

  • a duplicate receipt (e-tickets and other fees)
  • a ticket cost breakdown
  • proof that you travelled
  • proof that you didn't travel
  • proof that your flight was cancelled

Please allow 48 hours from the time you made your booking before submitting your request.

Receipt and document requests

collapsedshowMaking a complaint

We're sorry your travel experience with us didn't meet your expectations. To make a new complaint or claim or follow up on an existing case, see our complaints and claims page.

Complaints and claims

collapsedshowSaying thank you

Had a great experience and want to thank someone for it? We'll make sure your comments reach the right person.

Say thank you to one of our team

Contact information

collapsedshowExecutive Club enquiries

You'll see the most relevant contact details for you if you are logged in to

Telephone numbers and addresses

For the most relevant contact details, log in to your Executive Club account.

collapsedshowOn Business enquiries

On Business is our loyalty programme for small to medium sized businesses.

Telephone numbers, addresses and email

collapsedshowOpenSkies customers collapsedshowAll other enquiries

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