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Bronze benefits

The great feeling of being in control

As a Bronze Member, you'll enjoy a streamlined travel experience — we know you're going places and your Bronze membership will help you get there faster.

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More rewards, sooner

As a Bronze Member, you'll collect 25% more bonus Avios whenever you fly with British Airways. This tier bonus is in addition to the Avios bonuses available for travelling in our premium cabins, bringing you closer to your next reward flight, upgrade, hotel stay or car hire.

Some of our partner airlines also offer tier bonuses, helping you to grow your Avios balance faster. For details, check the individual airlines found on our flight collection page.

Learn more about collecting Avios

Learn more about spending Avios

Airport Walkway.

Business class check-in and priority boarding whenever you fly

Speed through the airport by using our business class check-in desks and priority boarding* - regardless of what cabin you’re travelling in, whenever you fly with British Airways or one of our oneworld® airline partners.

* Priority check-in and priority boarding not available to Bronze Members at London City Airport.

Seats in World Traveller.

Choose your seats in advance

Your Bronze membership can take some of the stress out of check-in and give you a better selection of seats by opening up free seat selection from seven days before departure on British Airways flights.
(Not available on hand baggage only (Basic) fares or group rate bookings and excluding exit row seats on long haul flights.)

Read our seating guide to learn more

Stack of vintage suitcases.

Priority at Baggage Arrival Services desks

We don't plan on losing your bags, and we have an excellent record of getting baggage to our customers at their destination on time. But if your bag doesn't arrive when you do, we'll bring you to the front of the queue, so we can start searching for it sooner.

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Sharing your Avios

As a Member, you and up to six other members of your household, including children, can link your Club memberships together for free. You'll continue to collect Avios individually, but we'll pool them for you to spend together, bringing those rewards even closer.

You can also share your Avios with people outside your household, by adding them to your Family and Friends list.

Discover more about Household Accounts

Person using a white laptop.

Saving your preferences

You can save your seating and meal preferences with us, so there's no need to remember them every time you travel. We'll do our best to provide your preferred choices wherever the option is available.

  • preferred seats allocated wherever possible when travelling on a fully flexible ticket
  • preferred special meal delivered on catered flights

Update your preferences now

Card image of the Executive Club Silver membership card.

Next stop, Silver

Unless you're travelling in business or first, you won't be able to use our airport lounges just yet. But the good news is you're already half way to becoming a Silver Member. You'll need to fly BA at least four times and earn 600 Tier Points, or take a total of 50 BA flights, to move through to the Silver tier.

Learn more about Silver membership