Refund Requests

*Extended Document Validity beyond 12 months

We have extended the validity of our tickets and EMDs. If you are able to display the document, the coupon status is ‘O’ or ‘A’ and a refund is eligible, your GDS will permit the refund to be processed and the below webform should not be completed.

If you are currently waiting for a refund to be processed by us, where the ticket is beyond 12 months validity, we recommend you process the refund in your GDS to avoid our standard administration fee.

Completing the webform, is confirmation that you cannot process the refund via your GDS, and the standard administration fee will be charged.

NDC agents should continue to complete this webform for tickets outside ticket validity and no administration fee is charged.
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NDC refunds should be fulfilled using the IAG Portal where applicable – regardless of booking provider.

Refund functionality is available via the NDC API and the IAG Portal for registered agents to use. The automation processes valid simple refunds instantly and valid complex refunds are automatically sent for manual processing. Please only submit a request for offline refunds via this form if you are unable to use the portal or the automation fails/rejects your transaction.

NDC should only be selected for applicable bookings. If you select NDC incorrectly, your refund request will be delayed.

GDS Error Report reference (must be supplied if Refund Request is due to GDS problems)

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You should only use this webform for tickets that were issued more than 1 year ago, UNLESS
it is an exception listed on the right of this page.

If the refund is a listed exception, please complete this webform and click 'Submit Request' below.

All ticket numbers provided should relate to the same booking reference. You should create a
new Refund Request for each booking reference.

Airline code

Ticket number

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* Sectors to be refunded

* Was extra baggage or prepaid seating associated with this booking?

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Date booking cancelled (if applicable)

* Why are you requesting a refund? Please include refund amount and any associated calculations.

Supporting documentation should be emailed to and should only be sent for requests already raised on a Refund Request form. If documentation is required but not received by email, your Refund Request will be rejected. You should not use this email address to chase existing requests and other emails sent to this mailbox will not be responded to.

Refunds will be credited to the original form of payment.

Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for us to process your request.
We occasionally receive notification that our email responses to customers have been blocked by email "SPAM" filters. Please ensure email accounts accept emails from British Airways plc.
Trade refunds of British Airways 125 tickets must be processed via your GDS. Requests sent to us that you could process yourself will be rejected. Please contact your GDS helpdesk if you have any issues.

You should only send us Refund Requests if:
  • tickets are over 12 months old (*) This will incur a standard administration fee of GBP30 (or local equivalent) charged to you by ADM.
  • tickets have been closed off on the system (eg if the passenger checks in but does not travel or an EMD is showing ‘F’ but was not utilised)
  • there are technical problems with the GDS which prevent ticket refunds, including where British Airways has re-issued or exchanged travel documents and therefore owns them. You should mention "BA reissue/exchange" in the text field on the Refund Request form.
  • there is incorrect sales reporting (eg a void transaction is reported with a value on the BSP or ARC report)
  • other airline tickets are reported erroneously by BSP or ARC as BA Sales system errors (eg where eticket booking cannot be retrieved at check-in)
  • a ticket has been utilised but additional action is necessary to make an initial or further refund
  • you have reissued tickets where the original 'form of payment' is not available on the ticket being refunded due to the original ticket FOP not being carried across during the reissue
  • the passenger has been downgraded
  • there has been a death of passenger or family member, in accordance with the conditions of carriage. Prior to travel, you should submit a Refund Request form and a copy of the death certificate should be emailed over to us.
For these cases ONLY, please complete the Refund Request form for us to evaluate your request. We will review refunds in accordance with the fare rules and commercial policy for the ticket. You should complete a separate request for each booking reference, with a maximum of 9 ticket numbers per booking.

Please ensure that, when explaining why you are requesting a refund, you include the amount to be refunded with associated calculations and reason or circumstances for the request.