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collapsedshowUpdated ADM policy from 1 June 2018

May 2018

We provide no-cost processes for agents to accept payment from customers where they book tickets with us for all fare types. Consistent with your existing terms of appointment, our Travel Agency Addendum clause 3(l) and Agent Reporting Agreement section 25.1.2 and F 1.10 of the ARC IAG, our policy remains agents should use those forms of payment and not use the agency’s own payment card to make bookings.

From 1 June 2018, if this policy is breached an Agency Debit Memo will be raised for 5% of the unauthorised form of payment amount.

Under no circumstances are agents permitted to pass these ADM costs to the customer as an “airline charge” or “credit card charge” (or any equivalent in each case) as there are alternative free payment methods available to the agent.

Read ADM policy

collapsedshowPay for seats using Avios from 8 May 2018

May 2018

Customers can now use Avios to pay for and reserve seats in advance using Manage My Booking on There are full and part payment options available and this new benefit provides more options to spend Avios. Pay for seats using Avios is available on British Airways operated flights.

Executive Club Bronze, Silver or Gold Members can continue to reserve seats for free in many instances.

Read terms and conditions on

collapsedshowLonghaul Basic Economy Fare available from 11 April 2018

April 2018

Following the announcement that we will be introducing a new long-haul Basic Economy fare on selected North Atlantic (NATL) and non-NATL routes, British Airways is pleased to announce that the new fares are now available.

View applicable routes and FAQs

Find out more about longhaul fares

collapsedshowReminder- Refunds to Original Forms of Payment

March 2018

We’ve seen a recent increase in refunds being made to alternative Forms of Payment which will result in an ADM.

Please ensure refunds are made to the original Forms of Payment and made in the same currency that was used to pay for the ticket (ie cash payment should be refunded as cash and credit card payment should be refunded to credit card)

Where a different form of payment is used during the reissue, refunds should be made to both Forms of Payment, in accordance with page 90 in the ARC Handbook. Failure to do this will result in an ADM being raised. 

To accommodate a split Form of Payment refund, you should contact your GDS helpdesk for the GDS entries required to add the original form of payment manually within the refund mask.  

collapsedshowChanges to Shorthaul Basic Pricing Products from 4 April 2018

March 2018

Further to communications sent in October and December 2017 to advise of changes to the way we file our shorthaul Basic fares, we are pleased to confirm we will be implementing these changes from 4 April 2018 (originally March 2018). From this date, shorthaul Basic fares will move from private to public.

In the spring of 2018, we will also enhance our competitive position in the European shorthaul market by introducing more price points on British Airways operated shorthaul and UK domestic journeys (Basic and Plus fares only).

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collapsedshowAmerican Airlines, British Airways, Finnair & Iberia Unbundled fares

March 2018

During April 2018, American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair & Iberia will together launch unbundled fares on selected routes between Europe and North America (and vice versa), offering even more choice for our customers.

For American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia, these fares will be called Basic and on Finnair they will be called Light. Offering an alternative option to our bundled fares, Basic/Light fares allow customers the choice to personalise their journey and only pay for the elements they require.

Customers purchasing Basic or Light fares will enjoy the same great service across our Economy cabins as those purchasing more expensive Economy cabin fare types, including in-flight meals, a range of in-flight entertainment and complimentary headphones and blankets. Combined with our extensive transatlantic network, convenient flight times and award-winning loyalty programmes, these fares provide customers with even more options when travelling with us.

Our Basic or Light fares will not include checked baggage or choice of seat selection, instead allowing customers to choose to add these options individually should they wish to tailor the product to their needs. A generous, carry-on baggage allowance, comprising of a carry-on and a personal item, and allocated seating at check-in will always be included. For customers preferring to include checked baggage and seat selection, our bundled fares provide the best value. These fares are called Main on American Airlines, Standard on British Airways & Finnair, and Optima on Iberia.

ATPCO Branded Fares will be implemented on routes with Basic/Light, with the unbundled fares displaying as the default fare in these markets. To support our introduction of the new fares, you will need to use the upsell product brand codes to access any upsell fares (inclusive of checked baggage). If you do not use Branded Fares pricing entries then you will not be able to access any upsell fares in the markets where Basic/Light are filed. For any questions or issues, please contact your GDS.

Travel dates and routes will be confirmed at launch in April.

To find out more about our new longhaul unbundled fares and our longhaul fare branding, please refer to the
Partner Reference Guide.


collapsedshowInvoluntary rebooking guidelines -Waiver code

February 2018

Effective immediately, when involuntary rebooking guidelines are published e.g. for strikes or London weather, you will need to add a waiver code into the booking. This is so we are able to obtain a clear view on the number of reissues made against that particular guideline.

Please add waiver code into booking as OS BA DWVR-1234

collapsedshowChanges for young flyers from May 2018

February 2018

As part of British Airways’ commitment to child safeguarding, from 1 May 2018, the minimum age of a person permitted to travel alone on British Airways will increase from 12 to 14 years of age. This applies to all new bookings made from this date. We will continue to permit children under the age of 14 to travel accompanied (with someone aged 16 or older on the same or a linked booking) and bookings made prior to this date will be unaffected.

In addition, all customers under 16 and travelling alone from 1 May 2018 (including for bookings made prior to this date) should have a completed parental/guardian consent form prior to travel. The form will be available on from early April 2018. Parents/guardians will need to download, print and complete the form prior to travel. The young flyer must ensure they bring the form with them and carry it at all times during their trip. British Airways requires this consent form in order to provide the young flyer with the help and care they may need during unexpected disruption.

You must add the keyword YPTA to bookings so we can identify solo young flyers under 16 years travelling on or after 1 May 2018.

collapsedshowShorthaul additional price points from March 2018

February 2018

In December 2017, we advised you of our intention to launch additional price points on our shorthaul economy product in Spring 2018. We will start rolling this out in March 2018.

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collapsedshowNew York JFK Terminal 7 First Lounge closure

January 2018

As part of the JFK Terminal 7 redevelopment, the First Lounge will be closed from the last scheduled flight on January 3rd 2018 until summer 2018. Gold card holders are invited to use the Club Lounge in the interim. Once completed, customers will be able to relax and unwind in a more welcoming environment before flying.

For more information on the Terminal 7 redevelopment please visit


collapsedshowNew catering for World Traveller from 17 January

January 2018

We are enhancing World Traveller catering on all London Heathrow and Gatwick flights from 17 January.

Customers will enjoy an exciting and expanded new menu, providing more quantity and quality to both meals and great snacking options throughout the flight.

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collapsedshowChanges to IATA Travel Agency Addendum from 1 January 2018

December 2017

The airlines within International Airlines Group (IAG) have updated their Terms and Conditions for Trade Agents, the IATA Travel Agency Addendum. This was first published for British Airways and Iberia on 5 August 2014 and amended on 23 October 2014. 

This updated version of the IATA Travel Agency Addendum will be officially published on 1 January 2018 and applies to all agents except the US and now covers all airlines that are part of IAG - Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, replacing any previous airline specific versions.

The updated IATA Travel Agency Addendum also be found on our partner sites:, and on request from  

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collapsedshowNashville to London non-stop, from May 2018

December 2017

Fly the 787 non-stop from Nashville to London in economy from $787 round-trip from Nashville or travel in business with someone special from $2018 round-trip from Nashville to London.

Fares are bookable from December 31, 2017 through January 5, 2018.

Club World Companion fares are per person, on identical itineraries. Prices include taxes/fees/carrier charges, for travel May 5 – November 30, 2018.  Offer ends January 5, 2018. Terms apply.

Please refer to your GDS for full terms and conditions.

collapsedshowChanges to shorthaul pricing products from March 2018

December 2017

Further to communications sent in October to advise of changes to the way we file our shorthaul Basic fares, we are pleased to confirm we will be implementing these changes in March 2018. From this date, shorthaul Basic fares will move from private to public.

In the spring of 2018, we will also enhance our competitive position in the European shorthaul market by introducing more price points on British Airways operated shorthaul and UK domestic journeys (Basic and Plus fares only).

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collapsedshowLaunch of Wi-Fi onboard

December 2017

Customers will soon be able to connect to the internet as we aim to have 90% of our fleet installed with Hi-Speed Wi-Fi by 2019, starting with 4 of our long-haul aircraft* by the end of this year.

We will have two packages available to purchase onboard starting from £4.99:

  • BROWSE for email, messaging, browsing the web and social media (excluding streaming)
  • STREAM with faster speeds that support streaming services such as music and videos

For a limited period thanks to our partner Visa, we are offering all customers flying on a Wi-Fi enabled aircraft one hour of free browsing connectivity until the end of January. If the aircraft is enabled, an announcement will be made by the cabin crew and instructions will be available on how to register and log on by joining the ‘BA Wi-Fi’ network.

*selected 747 Super High J’s and 777-300’s

collapsedshowGroup boarding from 12 December 2017

November 2017

From 12 December, we will be implementing group boarding on all flights to improve the boarding process by easing congestion and queuing at the gate.

Each passenger will be allocated a group based on their boarding priority and the groups will be called to board in number order.

Our premium customers and Executive Club Gold, Silver and Bronze Members will be able to board first if they choose, but can still use the priority boarding lane if they wish.  World Traveller Plus customers now have priority boarding and board ahead of World Traveller customers. 

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collapsedshowRemoval of the Most Generous Allowance (MGA) Policy-effective 18 October

October 2017

Effective from 18 October 2017 British Airways is removing the Most Generous Baggage Allowance.

Previously, when a customer was travelling on a round-trip or stopover journey in mixed cabins, the most generous allowance (MGA) applies for baggage i.e., a customer travelling outbound World Traveller but returning in Club World would receive the Club World baggage allowance on both sectors.

For new bookings effective from 18 October 2017, the customer will receive the baggage allowance applied to the cabin they are flying in on a round-trip or stopover journey.

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collapsedshowChange to Firearm Handling Fee

October 2017

Each bag or case containing firearms or ammunition is subject to a £50 charge each way, payable at check-in, plus applicable local service fees to cover the cost of our specialist firearms and ammunition handling partner. 

For travel from 1 November 2017, the charge will increase to £125, each way.

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collapsedshowPre-order meals on longhaul flights from LGW & LHR

September 2017

Customers travelling on selected longhaul flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick can choose their main meal from the on-board menu in advance. They can make their selection from 30 days up to 24 hours before departure, at no extra charge.

This service is available in our premium economy class World Traveller Plus, our Club World business class and in First class on selected routes. Customers should log in to Manage My Booking on to make their choice.

Find out more

The pre-order meal service is currently available on flights from London Heathrow to: Abu Dhabi, Accra, Amman, Atlanta, Austin, Bahrain, Baltimore, Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Beirut, Boston, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Calgary, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Delhi, Denver, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, Hyderabad, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Lagos, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Madras, Mexico, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai, Muscat, Nairobi, Nassau, New Orleans, New York (JFK and Newark), Philadelphia, Phoenix, Rio De Janeiro, Riyadh, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose (California), Santiago, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Tokyo (Haneda and Narita), Toronto, Vancouver and Washington DC.

From London Gatwick to: Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Cancun, Fort Lauderdale, Kingston, Lima, Male, Mauritius, New York (JFK), Oakland, Orlando, Punta Cana, Saint Lucia, San Jose (Costa Rica) and Tampa.


collapsedshowBA expands service between Philadelphia and Heathrow

August 2017

British Airways has announced an increase in its schedule from  Philadelphia International Airport to London Heathrow in spring 2018, growing the service from seven flights to 10 flights each week.

From April 2018, BA will operate an additional flight on Monday, Friday and Sunday, departing at 5pm and arriving in Philadelphia at 7.55pm local time, with the return journey to London departing Philadelphia at 10pm and arriving in London at 10:15am the next morning. The flight will operate on British Airways' newest aircraft, the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, offering passengers the choice of World Traveller, World Traveller Plus and Club World cabins. 

collapsedshowNon-refundable USA taxes

July 2017

When processing refunds, please be aware that the following USA taxes should be considered as non-refundable when they relate to non-refundable fare components, even if unused.

 Code US (International Transportation Tax)

Code US (Domestic Transportation Tax)

Code XF (Passenger Facilities Charge)

Code ZP (Flight Segment Tax)

collapsedshowDistribution Technology Charge from 1 November 2017

May 2017


With effect from 1 November 2017, IAG operating companies British Airways Plc (BA) and Iberia (IB) will apply a Distribution Technology Charge on BA and IB marketed fares (including BA and IB fares valid on codeshare partners) which are not booked through an NDC based connection, or other low cost channels, such as and and the airlines call centres.

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collapsedshowExecutive Club Changes

May 2017

From 14 June, we're re-introducing free seat reservation for Bronze, Silver and Gold Members on a Basic (previously known as Hand Baggage Only) fare. We will be proactively refunding any seating fees to customers with an upcoming booking on or after 14 June back to their original form of payment. The customer’s seat request will remain in the booking after we have refunded their seating fee. The refunds will be processed in travel date priority order from 14 June and could take up to 28 days to process.

Another change we'll soon be introducing is our Bronze, Silver and Gold Members on maternity, paternity or adoption leave can benefit from a ‘status freeze’ for a year. In addition, they can receive 1,000 bonus Avios if they open a new EC account for the baby as part of their Household Account.

Find out more on

collapsedshowBritish Airways Branded Fares functionality in ATPCO

May 2017

We will soon be using the Branded Fares functionality in ATPCO, which will initially begin with fare brands for longhaul markets, for traffic originating from the UK.

Our aim is to make it simpler and easier for you to understand the range of fare products we have available. By offering Branded Fares, you will be able to differentiate between the full range of products and the value they represent. This will help you and in turn your customers, to continue to make fully informed decisions when booking travel.

ATPCO Branded Fares provides airlines with the ability to better display and sell their fare products, by grouping fares into recognisable “brands” which have common attributes. The services included with each brand, such as flexibility, baggage, seat selection, and other in-flight and airport services, allow airlines to offer the right fare to the right customer, and increase the potential for up-sell opportunities. ATPCO Branded Fares are an industry standard distribution method, supported by all of the major GDS.

British Airways Branded Fares functionality in ATPCO will be available from the dates below:

Travelport - 4 May 2017
Amadeus - 4 May 2017
Sabre - 1 June 2017

To find out more about Branded Fares, please contact your GDS provider.

Find out more.

collapsedshowA New JFK is Taking Flight

April 2017

British Airways is investing $67million to bring you an improved experience when you travel through New York JFK Terminal 7.  You can look forward to a more contemporary check-in area, a more efficient security layout, a wider choice of shops, new dining options and improved departure gates.  In addition, we will introduce a new Premium Zone check in area for First and Club World customers and beautiful refurbished lounges.  The Terminal 7 redesign should be complete at the end of 2018.


Find out more.

collapsedshowNew Boston Lounge

April 2017

Introducing the New Boston Lounge

The new Boston lounge reflects the style and elegance of our flagship lounges at London Heathrow terminal 5, with areas to relax and unwind, or refresh and work. 

-Pre-flight dining – We’re now serving a full three-course menu in the Club pre-flight dining area, so you can free up your time on board and eat before you fly.

-Direct boarding- Boston is the only lounge in the network offering direct boarding from the lounge on to the A380 via new boarding gates.

We look forward to welcoming you in our new lounge soon.

 Find out more about our new Boston lounge.

collapsedshowLondon Gatwick Improvements

April 2017

There’s lots to see in our new home in the South Terminal at London Gatwick, including our luxurious lounges, a stylish new premium check-in and new self-service bag drop machines.

It comes as new routes and a better customer experience drive strong growth in demand for BA at Gatwick.

Sean Doyle, Director of Networks, Alliances and Gatwick, said: "We've really focused on growing our Gatwick operation in the last five years, investing in new routes, driving punctuality and, thanks to our move to the South Terminal, delivered an improved airport experience.

"We've seen huge demand for flights to North America driven by new destinations such as Oakland in San Francisco Bay and Fort Lauderdale and we've started 19 new short-haul services in the last five years to destinations such as Lanzarote, Malta, Rhodes and Limoges. We flex our schedule to make the most of seasonal destinations for our travellers, serving warmer climates in the summer and ski destinations in winter, in addition to the year-round performers like New York, Costa Rica, Orlando and Barcelona."

"And critically for our travellers, last year we had the most punctual short-haul operation of the three biggest airlines flying from Gatwick to Europe. In fact, according to CAA figures, across all London airports, we outperformed EasyJet’s punctuality by 15 percentage points and Ryanair's by six percentage points in 2016, and we're continuing to invest in our operational resilience to grow that difference even more."

"Our new home in the South Terminal is proving very popular with our customers – it's easy to find, and just a short walk from the train, plus the new premium check in area, which has been designed with the same look and feel as Heathrow Terminal 5 and New York JFK , creates an elegant start to any trip. We expect customers to start checking-in a little earlier than usual to take advantage of our new lounge, which has 40 per cent more floor-space than its predecessor, sweeping views of the runway, amazing complimentary food and drink, a kidzone area and tonnes of practical features such as power sockets with UK, EU sockets and USB ports, upgraded lounge Wi-Fi and shower suites.

Find out more.


collapsedshowCashless payment at LHR, LGW and North America airports

March 2017

From 1 April 2017, we will be unable to accept cash payments at many of the airports we operate from, such as London Heathrow, London Gatwick and in North America. This includes all types of payments, such as for extra bags, additional/exit row seats, changes to tickets, service charges, etc.

Customers who cannot pay with a credit or debit card should check with a member of our airport staff for available options for converting cash to a payment card as this varies by airport:

London Heathrow: customers can buy a Multi-Currency Cash Passport from Travelex
North America: customers can either buy a Multi-Currency Cash Passport from Travelex, or use Cash-to-Credit card kiosks to convert cash into a prepaid debit card for a $5 charge per transaction. Any charges associated with the use of a cash conversion machine are collected by the company who owns and operates the machine. 

Customers using prepaid debit cards should not throw them away until travel is complete, even if the card is empty. If we need to refund any costs, we will be returning these to their original form of payment

collapsedshowNon-acceptance of MCOs-REMINDER

Updated March 29, 2017

British Airways has achieved 100% Electronic Ticketing (ET) and 100% Electronic Miscellaneous Documents, therefore, it no longer accepts Non ET-ATB or the Auto MCO, both of which are paper documents in the ARC system.

From January 1, 2016, MCOs cannot be issued on British Airways 125 ticket stock.  The notification of this policy was posted on on December 22, 2015, followed by reminders on February 17, 2016, March 31, 2016, April 30, 2016 and June 22, 2016.

As previously communicated, British Airways will endeavor to cancel any booking containing a ticket with an MCO as a form of payment. Any tickets contained in the booking cancelled by British Airways under this process will be refunded to the original (non-MCO) Form of Payment (directly to the credit card or via ACM if form of payment was cash). 

Any MCOs issued on or after April 15, 2017 will result in an ADM of $1000 per MCO regardless of the value of the MCO document.

British Airways reserves the right to remove our appointment from an agency for violation of our policies.  Regrettably, British Airways may have no other choice but to review those accounts (who continue to issue documents that we don’t accept) for termination


Please review the Reasons for MCOs and the replacement processes to be followed:

Reasons for MCOs being issued

Process to be followed

Collection of penalty fees (changes or cancellation)

The penalty fees should be collected through the Penalty Box in the GDS or IAR.  Please contact ARC or GDS help desk for assistance.

Collection of Service fees

British Airways does not allow collection of travel agents' service fee on BA ticket stock.  Follow standard ARC process for collection of travel agent service fees.*

Residual balance on refundable ticket

The issuance of an MCO is not required. The ARC process allows a refund and penalty fee collection in one transaction.  Standard ARC process.*

Residual balance on non-refundable ticket

Residual balance from a non-refundable ticket cannot be used for future transportation.  Standard ARC process for Exchanges with Residual Value (non-refundable value) applies.*

Split form of payment using Amadeus or Sabre

Issue an EMD-S: Code ADVP.  Further information can be found on

Split form of payment using Travelport

AA continue to accept MCOs.  Book AA*BA or AA prime flights and issue on AA ticket stock to avoid MCO on 125 (BA) ticket stock.  Further information can be found here on



collapsedshowSelf Service Bag Drop at LHR

March 2017

We have recently installed new Self-Service Bag Drop units at London Heathrow Terminal 5. 12 new machines are now available for use by customers on select services at Zones C and D in the Departures area. 

Customers travelling with us from London Gatwick are already able to use 12 Self Service Bag Drop units which went live recently as part of our move from the North Terminal to South Terminal. 

The Self Service Bag Drop units form part of a wider company initiative to develop and improve airport technology.

collapsedshowTicketing Time Limit Changes from 9 March 2017

March 2017

Following some recent changes to some of our Ticketing Time Limits (TTL) associated with public and private fares (corporate, agency and seat only channels) the following guidance has been issued:

Ticketing Time Limit changes apply all long-haul routes originating from Europe, Israel, Mexico, North America, Russia, and Turkey & United Kingdom.

A number of ticketing time limits have now been standardised. Previously, several Ticketing Time Limits would allow you to ticket up to 1 day before departure. In a number of cases this will now have changed to 3 days before departure.

For all reservations made less than 3 days before departure, tickets must be issued 1 day after the reservation is made.


Existing reservations currently not ticketed could be impacted by this change.

Reservations made within 30 days of departure may now fail to ticket if ticketing is attempted less than 3 days before departure.  Please ensure that you check all unticketed reservations to avoid missing the ticketing time limit and the associated problems that this could incur.

Guidance if you have un-ticketed reservations on long-haul routes as listed above
If the same inventory is available, you will be able to re-book and price using the new Ticketing Time Limit
If the same inventory is NOT available:
For reservations made on or before 21 March 2017, you will be able to manually price the ticket using the historic TTL.  In this circumstance tickets must be issued on or before 31st March 2017 and an ADM will not be issued.
For reservations made after 21 March 2017, you will have the new TTLs applied without exception or waiver

Example: you may start to see the following appear in the fare rules of some fares/reservations.


OR –


Therefore previously if a fare had no Ticketing Time Limit, you would have been able to make a reservation 25 days before departure and ticket this reservation the day before departure.
Under the Ticketing Time Limit described above, this same reservation would need to be ticketed 3 or more days before departure.

Find out more.

collapsedshowClub Europe Available within the UK

February 2017

For travel from 1 April 2017, Club Europe will be introduced on all BA mainline and BA CityFlyer UK&I domestic services. We are also replacing UK Domestic with Euro Traveller as the economy cabin. This change aligns our cabins across the shorthaul network and enables customers connecting to or from a longhaul destination to enjoy a consistent premium experience throughout their journey.

Domestic customers will be able to benefit from lounge access, more personal space to work or relax, complimentary food and drink, dedicated check-in desks, priority boarding and a generous baggage allowance of two cabin bags and two checked bags.

The Club Europe cabin features a 2:2 configuration with the middle seat kept free. The seats are bridged with a ‘central console’ table, providing Club customers with a broad, functional space for drinks, snacks and personal devices, freeing up the main table for work or a meal.

System updates have taken place from 27 February to enable selling of Club Europe and Euro Traveller on all UK&I domestic services, including flights operated from London City, for travel from 1 April 2017.

From 28 February, domestic routes will start to show 2-cabin configuration, Club Europe and Euro Traveller. Once this conversion has taken place you will be able to see both cabins available to book in the schedule display. 

The following changes will now take place for customers already ticketed on UK&I domestic services for travel from 1 April 2017:

Original booking class

New booking class

Cabin change

Changes to itinerary

Changes to seating

Changes to baggage

J,C, D, R, I , U

No change

Economy to Club Europe

No change

Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Club Europe

Now eligible to 2 pieces. Ticket will still show 1 piece but BAGA keyowrd will be updating to show 2PC.



Economy to Club Europe

Y sector will show UN status
J sector added as TK status

Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Club Europe

Now eligible to 2 pieces. Ticket will still show 1 piece but BAGA keyowrd will be updating to show 2PC.

B, H, K, M, L, V, N, Q, O, S, G, X

No change

No change remains in Economy (Euro Traveller)

Original sector will show UN status. New TK sector added with the same booking class

Reserved seating will remain as booked or an equivalent seat booked in Euro Traveller

Remains as 1 piece

The PNR will be queued to your servicing queue and will have an OTHS for information in the PNR. You will need to 'tidy-up’ the booking by deleting any UN sectors update the new TK sector to HK status. We will automatically revalidate the BA-125 ticket for the affected sector(s). Other carrier’s tickets will need to be revalidated or reissued for the ticket to match the itinerary.

Any reserved seating will need to be checked for refunds if required for seats already paid for. Please advise the customer of any changes to their baggage allowance and if any paid excess baggage allowance now needs to be refunded and check if Club Europe customers have any advance meal requests.

Reserved seating
Club Europe cabin is located at the front of the aircraft. Customers with seats already booked in the front rows who now have a cabin change into Euro Traveller will be allocated a seat further back in the aircraft. If the new seat is not suitable then any Paid Seating may be refunded and any free seating may be changed dependent on availability in the Euro Traveller cabin.

Paid for excess baggage
Club Europe customers may check-in two bags (max 32kgs each) Customers already ticketed in J, C, D, R, I or U classes will now be eligible to 2 pieces, although their ticket will still display 1 piece. The BAGA keyword should have been updated to show 2PC. Domestic customers now travelling in Club Europe who have already paid for an extra bag may have the one extra bag refunded.

For new bookings for travel from 1 April, U class is now for Club Europe on all domestics with the applicable Avios to pay. Customers already booked in U class will be sat in Club Europe, no extra Avios charged. X class customers are booked in Euro Traveller.

Business UK fares
These fares will no longer exist after 31 March 2017. All J class customers booked for travel from 1st April will now be seated in the Club Europe cabin (see table above) All Y class customers already booked for travel will be converted to J class and also seated in Club Europe. The Same ticketing terms and conditions apply, which match those for Club Europe Plus Flex fares

Voluntary changes - for customers booked to travel up to 31 March who want to change their departure date for travel from 1 April
Commercial fare rules apply with any difference in fare and taxes paid by the customer. For J, C, D, R or I class, these will need to be re-booked into a comparable Economy booking class and the itinerary re-priced. If you rebook into the same class as original then these will be re-priced into a Club fare. Bookings originally made in U Redemption class will need to be re-quoted into X, otherwise if they continue to be booked in U the higher Avios amount for Club will need to be charged plus higher APD.

Read our 'Club Europe available in the UK' factsheet



collapsedshowRemoval of Therapeutic Oxygen on Shorthaul Flights

February 2017

British Airways will no longer be providing therapeutic oxygen on shorthaul flights departing on or after 1 February 2018. This also includes shorthaul segments connecting to and from longhaul flights.

Customers requiring therapeutic oxygen on shorthaul flights will be required to make their own provisions for all short-haul segments of their itinerary.

Accepted oxygen provisions are outlined on Customers must obtain medical clearance for approval of their own therapeutic oxygen provisions. Medical forms should be submitted to the medical clearance team at least 7 days prior to departure.

British Airways will continue to provide therapeutic oxygen on board longhaul flights, free of charge. To request this service customers should follow the existing process. If customers are connecting to/from a shorthaul flight, they will need to make their own oxygen provision for all shorthaul segments of their itinerary.

This change is effective on all shorthaul flights departing on or after 1 February 2018.  Customers departing prior to this date may continue to request therapeutic oxygen, providing their return date is before 1 February 2018. Customers returning on shorthaul flights on or after this date will need to make their own oxygen provision for their return journey.

For more information on medical clearance or the provision of therapeutic oxygen, you should contact our Passenger Medical Clearance Unit on 020 8738 5444  or email


collapsedshowTriple Avios

January 2017

Triple Avios Offer

For a limited period only, customers will receive triple the Avios they’d normally collect on every British Airways flight they take, including flights with a British Airways flight number between North America and Europe with our airline partners American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia. This offer is also available on British Airways flights (operated by Comair) within southern Africa.

  • Travellers simply need to register, book and travel before March 31, 2017.   Register your clients for the offer at
  • Triple Avios can be earned on the first eight sectors before March 31, 2017. Triple Avios will be awarded before any cabin or tier bonuses on all tickets except reward flights.  For full terms and conditions, visit


Find out more

collapsedshowLiberty London Partnership for First

January 2017

Liberty London has created an exclusive new range of washbags for customers flying in First with British Airways. 

The new amenity kit, containing selected products by Aromatherapy Associates, will be introduced on flights between London Heathrow and Los Angeles on 7 January 2017, and will then roll out across the rest of the First network by the end of Spring 2017.

More Liberty print designs will be added to the collection throughout the year, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy even more of Liberty London's iconic British style.

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