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collapsedshowAgent Discount Travel (AD75/50)

 You can book your own AD75/50 travel, please click here for instructions.



For information on delayed, lost or damaged baggage click here.   

collapsedshowCommission Support Desk (AA, BA, IB)

North American Trade Partners with current US-CA based commission and fare agreements (e.g. JB trade agreements) may contact the American Airlines Commission Support Desk for assistance on the following: upfront commissions on JB itineraries with a transatlantic sector ticketed on (125) or (075) paper.

Please send your email to The hours of operation are from 8:00am-4:00pm Central Time.

Please include the following:

1.ARC number

2.Agency contract

3.Commission table - for example A###, L###, etc.

4.AA record locator or screen shot of complete itinerary

5.Stored fare/fare basis breakdown

Queries on upfront commissions that include ROW sectors (e.g. ROW is defined as transatlantic journeys that include geographic destinations east of India) will not be handled by the American Airlines Commission Support Desk.

Please contact your account manager for any questions regarding commission that include ROW sectors.

collapsedshowCorporate Headquarters

British Airways plc
Great Britain
Phone: +44-20-8759-5511

collapsedshowCustomer Relations collapsedshowFares

GDS entries for fare quote requests

Below are GDS entries for complex published fares including Round the World fares or you can que to our Rates Desk.   Please expect the required information to be returned in an SSR format, in approximately two business days.  If your request is needed more immediately,  please contact your trade support desk.

Amadeus:   RMATTN BA FARE  RMPLS QUOTE… (free format text)  Q PNR to: QS/LONBA0666/21C2 
Sabre:   5ATTN BA FARE  5PLS QUOTE… (free format text)  Q PNR to: Q/QBA85/4
Worldspan:   5.ZATTN BA FARE  5.ZPLS QUOTE… (free format text)  Q PNR to: Q/BA0/121*C2    

Apollo:   Apollo Q number: Q/QAG/10.  Please refer to your GDS helpdesk for specific formatting.

Galileo: Q PNR to:  Q/XBA/83.   Please refer to your GDS helpdesk for specific formatting.


collapsedshowGDS Helpdesk numbers

Amadeus Helpdesk: 305-406-8800
Apollo Helpdesk: 770-280-8500 (for hardware issues: 800-762-3490)
Sabre Helpdesk: 866 334-7551(for hardware: 800-331-7260)


Visit our Groups Travel Hub at



collapsedshowIAG World Cargo

For information and reservations with IAG World Cargo, please click here.

collapsedshowLoyalty Programmes

Contact Executive Club

1-800-452-1201 (from the USA)

1-800-247-9297 (outside the USA)

Fax: 1-212-251-6767

Daily 730a.m.-8p.m. Eastern


M-F 8am-8pm EST


Refund web form
Further information regarding refunds is available here.

collapsedshowTrade Support

Contact British Airways and Iberia, 24/7.

British Airways General Trade: +1 (800) Agent BA (24/7)

Iberia General Trade: +1 (800) 574 8742 (24/7)


For British Airways to comply with data protection requirements, when calling you will be asked to provide your IATA number and full name of the lead passenger on the PNR

We will not handle calls from sub-agents, except in the scenario where they are calling to pay for the following ancillary services:  paid seating, excess baggage or pre-paid meals. In these instances, the booking agent must have passed authority through via a SPRINT keyword entered into the PNR and the sub-agent will be subject to additional data protection checks.   

collapsedshowTravellers Only



Daily, 7a.m.-11p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST)