Ticketing instructions


We offer e-ticket on all of our routes and most of our interline routes. Find out more about our policies and procedures to ensure your bookings are processed correctly.

collapsedshowTicketing time limits

Ticketing time limits are deadlines for tickets to be issued. These are shown as pert of the fare rules in your GDS. If your booking has different classes with different fare rules, the strictest deadlines will apply.

Ticketing time limits are calculated from the PNR creation date, or the date when the first British Airways segment was booked in the PNR.

Different GDS may calculate ticketing time limits differently so if you need to rebook flights, we recommend you create a new PNR to avoid cancellations. If you make changes to the original booking, the ticketing time limit does not restart, even if the original booking was made in a fully flexible class that didn’t have a ticketing time limit.

Automated checks

We run automated checks to ensure bookings are ticketed in time. PNRs without ticket numbers may receive ticketing time limit deadline messages about via a queue. You’ll only receive a message from us if there is sufficient time prior to the deadline.

Our automated checks only recognise system generated ticket formats: FA, FHE (for Amadeus) or SSR TKNE (for other GDS)

If you have issued a ticket but have not used the correct automated format, your booking may be cancelled. If you are unsure about the GDS formats required, please contact your GDS helpdesk.

If we have sent you a ticketing time limit deadline message, PNRs without ticket numbers at the ticketing deadline will be automatically cancelled. The segment status of British Airways flights will be changed to "HX" and sent to your queue to cancel the segments.

collapsedshowDuplicate bookings

Duplicate bookings are more than 1 booking with the same customer name, same flight time and same departure and arrival airports. This applies even if the bookings are made in different booking classes and flight segments.

If one PNR has a ticket number but the other hasn't, the booking without a ticket number will be cancelled.

We also check for duplicate segments within the same PNR but will not cancel a ticketed PNR or a Group booking.

Cancelled segments for duplicate bookings

We will cancel segments if the booking is for Blue Executive Club Members or non Executive Club cardholders if they have:

  • same origin and destination city
  • shorthaul flights (all cabins) with same date but could be a different flight number and/or class
  • longhaul flights in cabins W and M with same date but could be a different flight number and/or class

We will update the PNR for cancelled duplicate segment with SSROTHSZZ CANCELLED AS DUPE. The cancelled segment will automatically move into history for Amadeus bookings or PNR itinerary as HX for other GDS.

Warnings for duplicate bookings

For some bookings, we won't cancel the segment but will send a warning if we think it may be a duplicate.

We will send you a warning for:

  • longhaul flights in cabins W and M with a different date but within 24 hours
  • any of the segments are in F or J cabin
  • customers with Gold and Silver Executive Club Members (and oneworld equivalent)

We will update the PNR for the duplicate segment with SSROTHSZZ SUSPECT DUPE SEGMENT ON ROUTE (ORIGIN-DESTINATION) PLS ACTION. The PNR history will show the action taken as RF-REDUNDANT CR-LONBA07RS. The SSR will be sent to you to action accordingly.

collapsedshowWaitlist confirmation

Our waitlist process is automated, so Trade Support are unable to confirm or clear waitlists and are unable to tell you a customer's position on a waitlist.

Customers should only waitlist if they are prepared to accept the confirmation and pay the differences in fare plus relevant service fees. Remarks should be added into the booking to show their agreement to purchase the new cabin as the original cabin will be automatically cancelled.

If you have waitlisted a segment for fares with a same time clause, this applies from the day the waitlist segment is held and not from the day it is confirmed.

The order in which passenger name appears on our systems waitlist is not indicative of the order in which seat confirmation takes place.

collapsedshowBookings out of system range

Our booking systems allow you to book up to 355 days ahead but most GDS' have a booking range of 350 days. In some cases, you may need to book an inbound flight that doesn't display in the system yet.

For British Airways 125 tickets only*, you will now able to book out of system date range in your GDS. If you’re making a booking where the inbound date is currently out of system range:

  1. Create PNR with the latest inbound date available in your GDS. This should be in the correct class of travel if available or lowest class in same cabin of travel.
  2. Enter keyword TTBB with mandatory text indicating the intended return date. This must be done at the time of PNR creation and a ticket should not be issued. The keyword should be added with the intended date of return as follows (or as an OSI for other GDS):

    GDS Example of GDS entry
    Galileo SI.BA*TTBB.INB DATE DDMMMYY (the dot after the keyword is vital as queues to robot)
    Sabre 3OSI BA TTBB.INB DATE DDMMMYY (the dot after the keyword is vital as queues to robot)
    Worldspan  3OSI BA TTBB.INB DATE DDMMMYY (the dot after the keyword is vital as queues to robot)

    The TTBB keyword will queue the PNR to our servicing team and can take up to 24 hours for you to receive a response from us. You must wait for the authority in booking and should not contact Trade Support for a response.
  3. For inbound routes that include a stop you must enter the first inbound date only with the keyword
  4. If tickets have already been issued, we will send you a reject message as follows - SSR OTHS ZZ- ATTN AGT/BA-PLEASE NOTE UNABLE AUTHORISE OUT OF DATE RANGE REQUEST AS TICKETS ARE ALREADY ISSUED//REGARD
  5. After authority has been updated in the booking, you can issue the ticket
  6. Once the intended date for return travel is in system range in your GDS, you must rebook, recalculate and reissue the ticket. Change fees will be waived. Fare rules will apply in full once the reissue is complete.

If the same class or intended date is not available, the policy above still applies but you will have to recalculate and reissue at the applicable fare / class at the time of rebooking. Change fees will be waived.
Please note this policy does not apply to group bookings.

*booking may contain other airlines

collapsedshowMinimum Connection Times

We have a robotic in place to prevent flight segments being held if they do not meet the Minimum Connection Time (MCT) required.

If you book flights via your GDS that are not sold as a valid connection and don't meet the MCT, you will receive a warning message in the reservation:


If the itinerary is not updated and a valid connection rebooked within 72 hours of receiving the warning message, the robotic will cancel any flight sectors that do not have a valid connection.

We will not be liable for any additional rebooking costs when flights are cancelled due to being sold as under minimum connection. This does not apply to connection times that are affected due to a schedule change for which you should refer to our standard customer guidelines.

collapsedshowReservation Assurance (Res24) for Executive Club Members

Reservation Assurance allows you to book Silver, Gold and Premier Executive Club Members onto a British Airways Mainline flight when a flight is showing as full. Executive Club Members must contact you at least 24 hours before the flight departs and minimum check-in times apply.

The confirmed reservation will be in Full fare economy class (Y class for World Traveller and Euro Traveller). Only the reservation will be secured and not the seat preference or class. This service is not available on all of our flights and not available on franchise flights.

How to book:

  1. Use the normal booking procedure
  2. Enter keyword GNTE as follows:
  3. GDS GDS entry
    Amadeus   SK GNTE BA
    Galileo SI.BA*GNTE.
    [the dot at the end of the entry is vital as queues to robot]
    Sabre 3OSI BA GNTE. 
    [the dot at the end of the entry is vital as queues to robot]
    Worldspan  3OSI BA GNTE.
    [the dot at the end of the entry is vital as queues to robot]
  4. If the customer would like to travel in a diffferent class, they can be waitlisted as normal, which is detailed in the 'Waitlist confirmation' section above

The request should be processed within 1 hour and once we have updated the booking, you can contact the customer to confirm the flight and complete ticketing.

If a customer is confirmed in a higher class, they should be managed as though they have been waitlisted and you should collect payment as required. For further assistance, please contact your GDS helpdesk.


collapsedshowAmending e-ticket bookings

When amending bookings that have already been issued, you must either:

a) revalidate the original e-ticket if there is no change to fare or taxes, fees and changes or

b) reissue an e-ticket through your GDS to reflect the new itinerary

If this isn't completed correctly, there may be mismatches between the booking and the e-ticket. This can cause delays at the airport and access to online functionality may be unavailable (eg online check-in, online boarding passes, seat selection, excess baggage)

We have an automated process that identifies mismatched bookings and originating booking offices. Automated messages will be sent to you when revalidation or reissue has not been completed.

The correct deal/tracking number MUST be entered in the Tour Code box of the ticket where applicable.  This is your responsibility and failure to do so will result in an ADM. This applies to both original issue and any reissues of all tickets. 

Please contact your GDS helpdesk for any queries about GDS entries.


collapsedshowOffloads (changing status from checked-in to open)

We have an automated process so you are able to offload customers in your GDS. We have also listed some limitations which is useful to check prior to calling us.

Find out more about offloads

collapsedshowInterline e-ticket agreements

You can find out which airlines we have an interline e-ticket agreement with in your GDS:

GDS Example of GDS entry
Amadeus TGAD-BA
Galileo DT/IAT/DISBA and H/AAR for help pages
Worldspan 4G/TA*BA-E and HELP AGREEMENT for help pages

collapsedshowItineraries with up to 16 segments

Our itineraries can have a maximum of 16 segments, including round-the-world fares that can also have up to 16 coupons (including surface segments). An e-ticket can be issued for the entire journey.

Find out more about round-the-world journeys