Advance Passenger Information


Governments of several countries require us to collect Advance Passenger Information prior to travel. It's essential that you enter correct details for customers as we're unable to validate this.

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Passport and additional information

Governments ask us to supply information that is mostly found on passports and can include:

  • passport number
  • full name*
  • expiry date of passport
  • date of birth
  • country of issue
  • gender
  • document type
  • nationality

Some countries, including USA, will also ask non-citizens to supply a destination address in the country travelled to.

*if the customer is mononymous ie they have only one name, enter the one name (either family or first name) as the family name and add 'FNU' in the first name field.

How to update API

Customers can update their own information in Manage My Booking on 

Alternatively you can add this into their booking using the API industry standards applicable to your GDS. Please contact your GDS helpdesk for any queries about GDS entries.

Executive Club Members can add API details into their profile so whenever their Executive Club number is added into a booking, their details are pulled across automatically.

collapsedshowAdditional USA and Puerto Rico requirements (including ESTA)

Visitors to USA and Puerto Rico must:

  • hold a valid passport
  • have a valid visa or an Electronic System Travel Authorisation (ESTA) to travel under the Visa Waiver Programme (only applicable for eligible countries) Applications can take up to 72 hours to be issued and take 15-20 mins to complete. Apply for an ESTA on
  • submit their Advance Passenger Information (including country of residence and first night address whilst in USA) and Secure Flight information before travel


USA and Puerto Rico citizens must:

  • hold a valid US passport
  • submit their Advance Passenger Information (including country of residence) and Secure Flight information before travel


Permanent residents of USA without US citizenship must:

  • hold a valid passport
  • submit their Permanent Resident Card number, Advance Passenger Information (including country of residence) and Secure Flight information before travel


collapsedshowSecure Flight

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has implemented a program for both domestic and international travel; to, from and within the USA; and is in addition to the requirement for API data. If customers have provided their full API data, this will also satisfy Secure Flight. The information we provide for SFPD (Secure Flight Passenger Details) includes:

  • Name (as it appears on passport)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Redress number (if applicable)

You will be required to collect minimum SFPD for bookings made on applicable routes, either at the time of booking or before ticketing that sector. This must be collected before a customer can check-in.

The TSA have also mandated the Secure Flight program to cover "overflights" ie flights categorised as overflying the US and 12 miles off the coast. This currently affects a number of our flights, including LHR-YUL, LHR-YYZ, LHR-MEX etc.

Find out more on

collapsedshowSupplying API if itinerary is unconfirmed / for transit passengers

Customer doesn't know their destination address

Sometimes customers may not know exactly where they are staying for the 1st night. In these cases, the API address can be updated with a general itinerary eg.

Street address:  Touring the Grand Canyon
City:  Grand Canyon
State: AZ
Zip code: 99999  


Customer is in transit

A customer is classed as a transit passenger if they depart within 8 hours of arrival and don't leave the airport. They must have confirmed onward reservations.

Passport information and country of residence for each passenger must be provided, a destination address is not required but must be updated accordingly. eg. transferring to another flight enter the flight number and destination city: TRANSIT TO FLIGHT MX123/MEXICO CITY


Customer is flying to the USA and back in a day

If a customer is going on a daytrip to the USA, the same rules as a transit passenger applies. eg. TRANSIT TO FLIGHT BA178/LONDON HEATHROW


Customer is joining a cruise ship

Where customers are joining a cruise, the address must still be updated with "transit to" followed by the vessel/cruise name and the US city of cruise embarkation. eg.

Street Address:  Transit to MV Princess of the Seas
City:  Miami
State: FL
Zip code: 99999

collapsedshowAPI for Group bookings

Group bookings have a specific process and GDS entries to accommodate bookings with 10 or more passengers.

Find out more about Group bookings