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Offloads (checked-in to open status)

Our automated process enables you to change the status from 'checked in' (C) to 'open' (O) or 'airport' (A) and then make further changes to the booking. You may need to use this process if a customer has checked in for their flight but needs to be offloaded.

Restrictions (ie customers will need to contact airport desks)
Flight status What you should do
Flight departing within 1 hour The customer should contact the airport desks directly. If they aren't able to do this, the customer will be classed as a 'no-show' and once the flight departs, will be automatically offloaded.
Check-in has closed
(differs by airport)
We're unable to offload customers if check-in has closed or if there is insufficient time. If this happens, the customer will be classed as a 'no-show' and once the flight departs, will be automatically offloaded.
Customer has checked in bags We're unable to offload customers once they have had their bags checked in and tagged at the airport. They will have to contact airport desks directly to assist with their offload.

collapsedshowHow to offload a customer

You can now use a travel trade version of Manage My Booking to action offload requests. This is NOT the usual customer version of Manage My Booking, so always use the link below and not to access their booking.

Ensure you have checked the restrictions listed above before trying to offload a customer.

Offload your customer from their flight (trade version of Manage My Booking)

Offloads can be processed from 24 hours up to 1 hour before flight departs ie when the check in window is 'open' for a flight. Some airports may close their check in desks early, so customers may need to contact airport desks directly.

Ensure your customer has checked in for the flight before actioning an offload request.

Use the link above to access a trade version of Manage My Booking (the usual customer version of Manage My Booking on will not work for this process) Enter the customer PNR and their last name. 

If you see an error message (eg 'access to this booking has now been prohibited' or 'unable to find booking') there may be a technical issue with the booking, so you should contact Trade Support for further assistance.

Once you're in the booking, there is a 'quick links' section at the bottom of the page. Under the 'change booking' section on the bottom right, you'll see an additional link to 'offload customer from flight'. This link will NOT appear if the customer hasn't checked in or the flight is within 1 hour.

ALL customers in the booking will be offloaded.
Where bookings contain more than 1 flight, customers will be offloaded from all checked in sectors.

Successful offload: a confirmation message will be displayed. The check in status will be updated immediately and you can make subsequent changes to the flight.

Unsuccessful offload: an error message will be displayed and you should contact Trade Support for further assistance. Please check the restrictions above before calling us.

collapsedshowOther carriers and codeshare flights

Offload requests apply for British Airways operated flights only. We're unable to offload customers travelling on other carriers.

Customers can be offloaded for British Airways flights booked as a codeshare, marketed by another carrier, but the flight must be operated by British Airways. eg you can request an offload for a customer travelling on flight AA6143 which is marketed by American Airlines and operated by British Airways.

collapsedshow'No-shows' and cancelling bookings

Ensure you have completed an offload request before cancelling the booking or changing the segment to avoid your customer being classed as a 'no show'.

Bookings should contain a live BA sector for a successful offload request.