Name corrections

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Name corrections can be avoided by ensuring you spell the customer's name as shown on their passport. We recommend you make bookings with the customer's full first name rather than just an initial. Names should match Secure Flight and APIS data submitted.

Entire name changes are NOT permitted as tickets are non-transferable. However, if a customer has made a booking in their married name, but their passport shows their maiden name (or vice versa) or they have officially changed their name or gender, documentation will be required to prove they are the same person. Trade Support will action the amendment for you.

Name corrections are not permitted once travel has commenced.

collapsedshowWhen name corrections are permitted

Name corrections can only be made for:

  • corrections of nickname to proper name (e.g. Deb to Deborah, Bill to William)
  • spelling or typing error (e.g. Smith vs Smithe)
  • change in prefix (e.g. Mr to Dr)
  • name reversals where multiple last names exist (e.g. Rodriguez-Perez instead of Perez-Rodriguez)
  • change in last name due to marriage or divorce. You must supply a copy of the marriage or divorce certificate (showing both names), AND a copy of the customer’s passport. 

Documentation for name corrections will be required as detailed below.

Tickets must be issued on 125 carrier paper for flights operated by British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia, Aer Lingus or British Airways flights operated by Aer Lingus only. We are unable to assist with bookings where we have informative flight segments for these carriers.

collapsedshowDocuments required for name corrections

Supporting documentation should be emailed to Please contact Trade Support for additional assistance, providing the incident number you will receive in the confirmation email.

Type of change Documentation required
Adding or removing an initial for middle name as per passport No proof required unless there is a change to first or last name
Reversing of name i.e. first to last name or vice versa No proof required
Adding a Jr. or Sr suffix Passport proof required
Name correction of more than 3 letters Passport proof required
Name correction of less than 3 letters No proof required
Change from married to maiden name or vice versa Passport proof required with marriage or divorce certificate
Complete name change to either first or last name Only authorized when an affidavit is submitted with old and new passport copy or Government ID proof
Removing middle name entirely No proof required
Adding complete middle name/double barrel No proof required
Removing middle name entirely No proof required
No last name on passport but you have added last name in booking Passport proof required

collapsedshowProcess for name corrections

  1. Contact Trade Support providing the name correction details and your travel agency email address. Ensure you have emailed any supporting documents if required and quote your confirmation number from the email we have sent you (as above). Add a Vendor remark stating correct name.
  2. We will process the name correction on booking as per the travel date. We're unable to to action a name correction request within 4 hours of the flight departing
  3. We will reissue the ticket and any future tickets. Further changes to the booking will incur a service fee of $25 over the add collect. If you use IT/BT ticketing,  this also means that the only subsequent changes that can be made are date changes per the fare rules.
  4. You will receive an email to confirm the name correction has been actioned. If you do not receive a confirmation email within please contact Trade Support.

Bookings with other carriers in the itinerary

We are only able to action name corrections for bookings on British Airways mainline and flights operated by BA CityFlyer and SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S. We can help with name corrections for bookings on Aer Lingus prime flights and BA*EI, American Airlines prime flights (excluding booking classes: U, T, R, X and Z) and BA*AA, as well as Iberia flights operated by Iberia, Air Nostrum, Iberia Express and BA*IB.

We're unable to help with name corrections if an itinerary contains segments on other carriers and/or codeshare flights.

Redemption bookings

British Airways flights only
Trade Support (in UK) or your local British Airways Service Centre (for other countries) or our Executive Club Service Centre can help you with name corrections on redemption bookings made using a Frequent Flyer number, if all flights on the itinerary are marketed and operated by British Airways.

Bookings with other carriers
We're unable to action name corrections for redemption bookings including other carriers. The ticket should be refunded and a new ticket issued with the correct name.