The Best Gift

It’s late at night. We see a guy in his early 30’s sitting on a sofa with his laptop.

On the wall in front of him are pictures of his family and friends. One his side table are some gift-wrapping sheets and some glitter. He is shopping online for Diwali gifts.

While scrolling he pauses on a nice ‘his and hers’ watch set. He smiles, just then the photo of his parents comes to life on the wall.

Dad (sounding surprised): Such an expensive watch. I haven’t worn a watch since the day I retired.

Mom: And I don’t need a watch. I’m always on time.

Dad: You should save your money.

The guy’s smile disappears, and he goes back to searching. He scrolls down to a beautiful polka dotted ladies top. Just then we hear a girl’s voice, coming from one of the frames on the wall.

Girl(sister): Bhai (brother) polka dots?!! That’s so 6 months ago. And do I look like an XL to you?

He quickly scrolls down and stops on a baseball cap. His nephew speaks out from one of the pictures.

Nephew: Mamu (Maternal Uncle)! Another Cap!?? Really?

The guy seems a bit exhausted and breathes out in frustration. With his breath, some of the glitter kept on the side table next to the wrapping paper takes flight, and gently lands on him. He sees the glitter on himself and instinctively begins to brush it off. As he is brushing it off, he catches a glimpse of something through his window. He sees a little blinking light (like on the wing of a plane) as it moves through the night sky. He looks back at the glitter on his shirt and smiles.

Somewhere in India. A doorbell rings. The mom from the photo opens the door and sees her son standing outside with a little bit of glitter on him.

He says: Happy Diwali Ma. Hope you like your gift.

Mom is overcome with joy and they hug each other. They enter the house and everyone from the pictures is there. As each member of the family welcomes him with great joy, we hear a voice over

‘the most……sensible, fashionable, thoughtful and sweet gift that you can give your loved ones this Diwali is ……. You’.