British Airways Pay Per Click Restrictions

Please be advised that PPC restrictions apply to the British Airways affiliate programme.

Any affiliate thought to be in breach of the restrictions outlined below may have their commission placed on hold pending the result of further investigation. Any affiliate subsequently found to be in breach of the programme restrictions may have pending transactions cancelled or face suspension from the programme.

  • British Airways does NOT allow direct linking to through search engines in any form.
  • British Airways’ trademarks are permitted in the subfolder of Search Engine adverts but are NOT to be used in the domain or sub-domain of any PPC ads.
  • For example is permitted, but or are prohibited.
  • British Airways’ trademarks are NOT to be used in the title or body copy of Search Engine adverts.
  • For example BA Flights to Rome, Book online and get discounts
  • on your flight with British Airways!, or
  • Affiliates are NOT allowed to show on adverts for the British Airways company name and/or trademarks. This includes misspellings, brand and generic terms (e.g. British Airways flights), the British Airways URL including variations as well as all trademarks and variations of British Airways’ competitors.
  • A full list of negative keywords is available in the below PDF document. Please ensure these restricted terms are added as negative keywords in all your PPC campaigns for British Airways

Download our Pay Per Click Negative Words - updated Dec 2011 (PDF - 34KB)

If you are in any doubt about the activity you are currently running, or you are planning future activity and are unsure if this is allowed on the programme, please contact your network account manager or email for clarification.