North America refund requests

To request a refund of an unused British Airways ticket or to follow up on an existing refund request, please refer to the information below.

Your refund options

collapsedshowRequest a refund of tickets purchased directly from British Airways

If you purchased your ticket on, over the phone with British Airways or from one of our ticket counters, you may request your refund from British Airways.

Refund requests may be subject to a servicing fee.


Refund request of an electronic ticket

If you hold an electronic ticket and need to submit a new refund request, please submit your refund request using one of the following options:

Online (this is the fastest way to obtain your refund)

To apply for a refund online, go to Manage My Booking.

Refund requests may be subject to a servicing fee.

For all other circumstances, or if you have problems cancelling your booking online, please call us directly at 1 800 AIRWAYS.

If you are unable to log in your booking on, you can complete our alternative refund form, but this may take several weeks to process. Additionally, we will be unable to calculate your refund amount before processing your claim.