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Nuts and berries.

We're passionate about food, our meals are made with high quality ingredients and we do our best to cater for people with food allergies. However, we cannot guarantee an environment completely free from allergens so traces of some ingredients may still be present in our meals.

Our use of common food allergens

*This is not an exhaustive list

Ingredients On board usage
Dairy We offer a low lactose special meal which excludes cheese, dairy products and their derivatives and lactose or milk products. In addition, our vegan vegetarian meal is completely dairy free.
Gluten We offer a low gluten meal that excludes wheat or wheat flour, barley oats and rye, bread, cakes (unless wheat free), pastry, sausages or any flour based products.
Peanuts Our in-flight meals don’t contain peanuts or peanut products. However, they may be produced at a facility that handles peanuts therefore we are unable to offer a peanut-free special meal.
Peanuts may also be used in snacks in our airport lounges.
Seafood Generally we offer at least one meal that does not include seafood. In addition, our vegetarian meals are seafood free.
Sesame Sesame may be offered on our in-flight menu on some flights.
Tree nuts Tree nuts, such as walnuts and cashews, may be offered on our in-flight menu.
Other food sensitivities and combinations We can only supply the meals outlined in our special meal options. We can’t guarantee that a suitable meal will be available on board, depending on the nature of your food allergy.
You can bring your own food on board but you need to follow the local security and immigration rules regarding the transport of food.

We source food from all around the world and not every country considers the same food ingredients to be potential allergens. On UK bound flights, allergen labelling on the packaging may not reflect all the allergens listed under UK legislation. If you have a severe food allergy, please talk to your cabin crew about your allergy and ask for more information about the allergens in your meal.

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