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Discover Miami

Deep down in the south of the States, closer to Cuba than it is to Tallahassee, you’ll meet magical Miami. This city is business, beach and nightclub rolled into one. What’s more, bathed in a mild Gulf Stream, it’s always warm here. You can visit all year round and always see the city’s sunny side.

Rich and glitzy, Miami receives more international travellers than any other city in the US apart from NYC. Celebrities swish in and out of its high-rise hotels and Ocean Drive villas. In fact, everyone wants a piece of Miami: it’s been deemed the unofficial capital of Latin America.

Spanish flows through the streets – as do streams of supercars. Tourists flock to South Beach and drown themselves in dive bars and fishbowl happy hours. The locals like their morning Cafecito, their afternoon gym and their city’s celebrated restaurant scene – a fusion of South American, Floribbean and fresh local seafood.

You’ll love your holiday in Miami. The simple, ice-cream bright Art Deco facades of famous Ocean Drive display a certain 1920s naivety, but modern Miami has an edge to it. Little Havana is an authentic Cuban quarter where you’ll hear Domino-slamming Grandads. Coconut Grove is both upscale and Boho, hosting the popular Coco Walk Mall. South Pointe Park is where locals go to ogle incoming cruise ships.

Art deco and arepas, local brews and no-shoes – let Miami’s good time philosophy put a smile on your face. Book flights to Miami.

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Tips for how to master Miami

Getting around

Do: Use Lyft and Uber to pop over to Downtown – it’s the easiest way to travel the five miles inland from Miami Beach, crossing the Intracoastal Waterway.

Don't: Lose your temper at traffic jams or bad parking, which are both comedically common in the city. Instead, focus on Miami’s road system, which can take a little while to get your head around.

Going out

Do: Check the dress codes for the clubs. You don't want to be turned away from LIV for rocking up in flip flops.

Don't: Go to certain areas of South Beach during Spring Break unless you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


Do: Tip well – 15 to 20% – you’re in the States. But make sure service hasn’t already been added to your bill, it's a common scam to trick you into ‘double tipping’. Also, check the price before you order ‘today’s special’.

Don't: Expect good value for money in the restaurants on Ocean Drive. Don't miss out on trying Cuban, South American and Caribbean food – some of the best around.


Do: Wear your sunscreen – you’re close to the equator and Miami’s sun is unforgiving. Hat, t-shirt and sunglasses are also highly recommended.

Don't: Swim if the lifeguards are flying red flags – currents and surf could be making the water unsafe. Check with the on-duty lifeguard – you’ll find them in their stylish Art Deco lightguard stations.

It may be a little touristy, but sipping a giant margarita on Ocean Drive alongside pastel-hued art deco hotels will give you instant ‘I’m on holiday’ vibes

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